Doing the same process over and over again is never interesting. This is where automation comes to rescue. We live in an era where tasks are being automated, making users’ lives much simpler. Automation reduces the intervention of human activities, eliminating the chances of human errors. Automation is the ultimate solution to do the same tasks repeatedly without the occurrence of errors. An automated process also requires less time as compared to the work done by human beings manually. These days we have automated vending machines, automated cars, automated testing tools, and many more. Why not automate dropshipping?

An automated technology to carry on with your e-commerce business would give you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. This also indirectly helps in reducing the costs as you need not recruit many employees to work. This would be helpful for startup companies with low budgets and also for companies with a large number of customers and orders.

How to automate dropshipping

Inventory Management

Exact stock administration is significant for any retailer. It’s increasingly significant for drop shippers, as each oversell would hinder a procedure that depends altogether on speed and productivity. When you have a product framework to robotize your dropshipping business, you can utilize it to deal with your stock. The framework will interface legitimately with your providers and scan their stock levels. On the off chance that they come up short on an item, that item will consequently be recorded as inaccessible on all commercial platforms that you sell on, or just your site, if that’s where all your sales take place. This forestalls overselling, keeping your dealer-appraisals high and sparing you significant time.

Automated Tracking Details

Oberlo has a chrome extension that is handy when it comes to automating dropshipping. A typical inquiry you’ll get posed by your clients is, “when will my item be delivered?”.  Manually checking every client’s order details to arrive at the required one can gobble up a great deal of time. Rather, by including “” in the case under “inform clients about sent requests” in your Oberlo dashboard, clients will know when their items have been transported and when they’ll show up. This will bring down the quantity of client service messages you get about delivery and shipment. With all these tasks out of your way, you can concentrate on promoting your business.

Creating Automated Emails

Automated emails permit you to send ongoing, one to one messages that fortify the client commitment, loyalty, and reliability. You can create different content for the frequently sent mails and used them whenever required. Emails for order confirmation, order tracking, order cancellation, order arrival, etc. can be automated as each is of the same kind. The only detail varying here would be the order number for each mail.

Social Media Scheduling

Apart from taking and delivering orders, updating people on your social media is an important task. Well, updating your social media pages can also be automated. There are several free tools available for social media automation, such as Buffer, Workflow, SocialPilot, etc. You can get your updates for the week prepared and schedule their date and time to be posted, say Monday at 10 AM. Your updates will be posted on the given date and time. This would save you plenty of time as you need not spare time to post each post or pin at the scheduled time.

Automated Product Reviews

Customer reviews are the most important elements to show progress in your business. Manually sending mail to each customer a couple of days after the delivery of the product would be a tedious job. To get over this issue, you can automate emails to get reviews from customers. You can make sure the negative reviews get back to you so that a change in the required field can be made, and the positive reviews get added automatically.

To sum up

Automating your dropshipping business can help save your time so that you can concentrate on your business’s progress and gaining client support. By concentrating your endeavors on that rather than manual assignments, you’re be bound to scale your business’s development. Dropshipping can be quite a profitable business if handled the right way. With a little extra help from automation, we hope that you find success with your dropshipping business.


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