It’s a common trend and everyone is after it— making money online. And yet it should be legit and proven.

Frankly speaking, none of the ways are too easy. None of them are such that you start it and you have a continuous flow of money in your account right away.

You need to understand that you have to spend your precious time, energy, talent, and, sometimes, even money to earn money.

Spending money is not an immediate requirement, though. But you must be prepared to do the first three of them right from the beginning.

Are you prepared?

Let’s start!

1.    Retail Arbitrage Model

Confused about the name? Well, don’t be!

It’s a simple business of buying the product at a discount rate and selling it at a higher price. All you have to know is where a certain product is on sale and where you can sell it for a profit.

To have a clear concept let’s take the case of a stainless steel coffee tumbler. One fine morning you visited a Walmart store and saw that there is a striking discount on the tumbler, only $16— about $3 less than the usual price! You bought 50 of them and put up a listing on Amazon selling the same tumbler. Your advantage is that you are selling it for $18.5— an impressive 50 cents less than the retail price.

Now comes the most interesting question: does it really work?

The simple reality is that products don’t cost the same everywhere and most people either don’t care to compare prices or don’t have the facility to do so. Some have a kind of trust in Amazon that makes them buy from there and they become easy catches of retail arbitrage.

2.    Clickfunnels Affiliate

This is a simple but very powerful marketing system that makes larger companies more and more profitable and those who market for them get paid.

In simple words, a clickfunnel affiliate is someone who gets paid to bring new customers into the Clickfunnel ecosystem of products.

It can very well be called a recurring affiliate program where you get paid not only for the initial sale but for whatever a customer from your reference keeps buying— forever.

The more customers you bring the more commission you get.

There are however some tips and tricks to learn before you really start earning.

3.    eBay Dropshipping

It’s simply sourcing an item from another website. For example, you find an item on Amazon that is selling for $15. Now there is certain software that you can use to relist that item on another website like eBay. You made the $15 product $20 on eBay.

Here comes the same question: who is going to pay more at eBay while they could buy the same item on Amazon for a far less price?

The same answer. Hundreds of thousands of people shop from a certain site sincerely and trustfully. Some are sort of loyal to Amazon and will not even look at eBay. Others are loyal to eBay and will never look at Amazon.

You just take advantage of this.

4.    Selling Books on Amazon

It’s so simple.

You use a software called eFLIP. This software allows you to find books that are undervalued on Amazon. You buy from merchants of Amazon and then you resell them through the Amazon FBA program.

You can even sell some of the books for $90 which you bought for only $30.

Well, it’s not the same every time but that’s a great channel to make money, no doubt.

5.    Auction

Are you downhearted to hear the word? You shouldn’t be.

Auctions are not always that busy, buzzing and crowded kind of job.

The reality is that there are thousands of goods being auctioned off online. All you need to do is go to those sites and buy storage lockers.

All types of products— TVs, video games, mattresses, and even box beds that are undervalued can be bought from there and you can sell them to people who are always ready to buy second-hand items.

One of the guys showed a live video where he had an instant $800 cash in one of his storage lockers.

You can sell that stuff on eBay. Some people bring the stuff they find from the storage locker to the flea market.

6.    Shopify

Shopify will host your actual commerce website that will help you to put your products up. Essentially what you do is you are building your own brand. Whether you are selling products like T-shirts or you are dropshipping off AliExpress— you are utilizing amazon’s traffic or eBay’s traffic.

Shopify has made many sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen years old kids richer than any other business models that I know of.

There is a big learning curve. It definitely takes quite a bit of money to scale your business because you are going to put some money into Facebook for ads. Some of the entrepreneurs have made a profit of up to  $15000 per month from their Shopify store after running it for over two years.

7.    Private Label

This is building your own brand and selling it on Amazon FBA. This is a business model that requires much more time and upfront learning. It also takes longer for you to start getting profit.

What you do here is that you source products from China and put your own packaging to turn it into your own brand. You then get control of the brand and get that brand recognized in the market. Now you have built your own brand on Amazon.

8.    Wholesale on Amazon

It’s related to Private Label but in a little different way. It requires a little less work too.

Here you can source products in bulk from various wholesale companies and then resell them on Amazon. You can sell items as singles as well as in bundles. It’s a very interesting business model that I would recommend checking out.

Final Words

In the vast virtual world of the internet, there are, in fact, thousands of ways you can earn. All you need to know is the source and the process of earning and how best you can apply your time, effort, and talent to get the best out of the system, and then there is no turning back.

Good luck with your earning!


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