Have you ever wanted to buy a studio set but were too afraid of the price? Have you ever been so tempted by studio sets on sale that you have found yourself checking studio sets online every day, but being so discouraged when they are sold out? If this sounds like you, then check out our 7-step guide for buying a studio set on sale. We will give tips and tricks for finding studio sets at discounted prices as well as how to know what are the best deals.

1. Determine your budget

It’s a good idea to have a general budget in mind before purchasing a set. If you’re looking for a quality studio set that will provide you with plenty of options, then I would recommend that you choose it. Just make sure to get something sturdy and one size fits all so it can grow with your needs. The simplest way to save a fortune is to buy a studio set on sale rather than paying a full price. A lot of people don’t realize they can do this and think they have to spend a thousand bucks for this type of product which defeats the purpose of saving money in the first place.

2. Identify the most important features you need in a studio set

The major thing a studio needs, in my opinion, is a quality sound system. There are plenty of cheap systems out there that have their place and time, but the majority of listeners require good reproduction for anything of worth. This means you’ll need some decent speakers (subs for bass) and a mixing board or interface to manipulate sound levels on digital or analog inputs. All the other “features” like isolation booths and control rooms are simply luxury items these days. 

3. Compare different brands and models to find which one suits your needs best

It is best to visit a few audio recording studios in person and then go home and research them online. There are many different brands, models, manufacturers, etc for studio set-ups and it is tough to make a solid judgment without trying them out. I recommend visiting five or more studios before making any decisions about buying an audio recording studio set up.

4. Look for sales and discounts on studio sets that will help you save money

If you know ahead of time that your studio set will be a large expense, shop around different retailers for sales and discounts. Be sure to review shipping costs as well as return policies. If you’re lucky enough to find a lower rate than what is offered at the big box store, even if it’s by accident, take advantage of it!  

5. Consider buying a used or refurbished studio set if money is tight

I would say, if it is your first set, get a used one. Certainly, there are great deals out there on brand new ones, but when you’re just starting out, I think the most important thing is just to get something that you can learn with in order to feel confident with your tools. The hardest part about buying equipment really is just knowing what to prioritize in terms of quality and functionality for what price range. What will do in some cases will be completely insufficient when it comes down to more advanced moments when video productions become more complex. 

6. Read reviews and ask questions about the studio set before making a purchase 

 I would suggest finding a studio set on sale with the highest number of positive reviews. The best studio sets are well worth the effort it takes to find them, so be sure you do your research, ask all of your questions about features, size, weight limitations for a set before purchasing. It also never hurts to read customer reviews to see what people think about this particular brand or model. And don’t forget about returns-make certain that stores have a good return policy so if something goes wrong you can always get your money back without hassle!

7. Make sure that any cables, microphones, stands, or other accessories are included with the purchase

Recommend for someone new starting out is that they buy what they need as a package, especially if they won’t know exactly what they’ll want down the line. For people looking to upgrade or replace old equipment, many times it’s cheaper to buy a studio set on sale that has cables, microphones, stands and other accessories included as well than to try and piece together whatever you can find separately.

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