While it might seem like the worst time imaginable to start a new business, there are some that stand a chance of flourishing despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting a business from home is actually a great idea, as you spend most of your time there anyway due to lockdown restrictions.

So, thinking about a new business you can run from the comfort of your own home? Then why not consider some of the ideas below?

  • An Online Store

One great business that could prove to be a success is to create an online store. You may not even need to hold any stock as you could get a dropshipping deal with a wholesaler. You create the website and advertise your products and whenever a customer makes a purchase, you inform the wholesaler who then delivers the item directly to your customer.

Just think long and hard about what you want to sell and check out the level of competition you might have. You will also have to work hard at marketing your online store while also optimising your website for the search engines.

  • Start a Video Blog

Another option is to become a video blogger. If you have an interesting hobby, have a bubbly personality, or simply like to share your life with everyone, blogging can earn you some good money. Of course, this all depends on how many followers and subscribers you have and how many views your content attracts, but if you can build those up, the ad revenue you earn can grow quite substantially.

You will need to have an understanding of how to rank your Youtube videos and blogs but once you gain a decent following, this becomes much easier. Just focus on creating content people want to see and eventually you will start to rake in some good coin.

  • Digital Marketing Agency

The sheer volume of websites that now exist on the internet means there will always be a need for digital marketing companies. These websites all have competitors, so they always need help with things like search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. If you create services such as these for your digital marketing agency and build up some clients, this could end up being a very lucrative business you can run from your home.

  • An Online Tutoring Company

Now could be the perfect time to set up an online tutoring company. Schools have closed down which has meant more children around the world need help with their education. You could teach basic English to children in foreign countries, or if you specialise in a certain subject, you could share your skills with others. The online tutoring industry is one that has benefited from COVID-19, so now could be the perfect time to take advantage.

  • Web Design Agency

The great thing about this business option is that you do not even need to understand programming code. Website builders such as Wix make it quick and intuitive to design, create and launch a new website. Using these platforms consists of choosing and customising templates and then just dragging and dropping images, text, and other content into place. Of course, if you do know some programming languages, you could make more money by building websites from scratch.

  • Content Writing Business

If you have a talent for words, you could set up a content writing business. Use freelancing sites such as UpWork to source writers to join your team and to find writing gigs. Websites always need fresh, valuable, and well-written content, so build an excellent reputation and you can start making some decent money from home. You can write anything from website content, product descriptions, marketing emails, ebooks, and blog posts.

  • Personal Trainer

A personal trainer does not always have to be there in person. You could work out with your clients over the internet. Simply set up schedules, eating plans, and host your classes via a webcam. This is another business idea that could do well despite COVID-19. More people are stuck at home and do not have the opportunity to get as much exercise as they used to. You could provide a service that allows people to get that exercise and stay in shape. While it may seem like you won’t have any expenses other than exercise equipment and a good webcam, it’s important to consider questions like should you get accident insurance or upgrade your health insurance plan?

The Key Takeaway

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, there are still plenty of business opportunities you could sink your teeth into. Hopefully, we have given you some great ideas to think about, but you could think up even more if you put your mind to it. Whatever you choose, just make sure you put the time and effort into making it a success. Taking a lazy approach will just ensure that potential customers and clients go elsewhere. Plus, be aware that whichever you choose, you will have competitors determined to offer a better service than you.

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