Events are fun and exciting to attend but can be very stressful and overwhelming to the planner such that some end up being disastrous. This result is every planner’s worst fear and nightmare. How then can you do the planning and management effectively to guarantee your clients a feat? The right steps right from the initial stage of planning to the big day will determine your success. Below are key tips to ensure you achieve your goal of the successful event that will be the talk of the town and earn you referrals while improving your portfolio:

Begin your preparations early

As cliché as this step may sound, this is the most critical stage, regardless of how small your event may be, or how much experience you have in planning. Formulate the goal of your event e.g. is it a fundraiser, an educational event, or a party? This will determine the theme, timing and duration, venue, and other key items you may need for your event such as exhibition stands which you can discover here.

Remember to set goals with quantifiable metrics of success such as how many people you are hoping to attract to your event.

Draft a well-thought-out plan for the event

As you plan, include critical expenses such as venue, food and drinks, entertainment, décor, event production team, staff, marketing, and the miscellaneous just in case of anything. Set a date for the event that you will pre-check with the participants to make sure it is okay and give yourself enough time to prepare. Select a venue and check it out yourself with key factors such as capacity and air-conditioning in mind, and if it is satisfactory, book it. Always have a backup plan for everything.

Have a detailed timeline, to ensure everything runs out smoothly such as when permits or insurance policies need to be submitted, and when any other activity needs to be done.

Allocate responsibilities

Do this while considering every possible need of the event down to the tiniest detail. Do a skills inventory of your team to figure out who can best do what. These responsibilities should be for before, during, and after the event such as the venue selection and decoration, catering, advertising, and tending to the guests during the event. Let your team help you, but always double-check to ensure everything is set.

Advertise and send out the invitations

Determine your target audience and find out what they like best. Use that information to immediately come up with promotional content that will attract them. You can use professional media and advertisement companies to assist you. If your budget is tight, do not despair, you can do this yourself using simple editing software such as .Ensure your video is brief but conveys the message, is interesting from the first second, and appeals to your target audience. Get your guests excited for the event!

Anticipate possible disasters

Have you ever gone to a state of the art event such as a chic outdoor wedding, but went from a hundred to zero so fast due to rains or winds or went for a party then a power outage occurred? This can ruin a great event so bad that no one ever recovers from it. Always be ready for anything when planning an event such as bad weather, power outages and technology glitches, a missing item, a problematic guest, and a medical emergency. Always prioritize security in any event.

You can predict the weather, for instance, using to ensure you are on the right track.

Follow up and get feedback

Honest feedback will help you make better decisions in the future and constantly improve your services so that they become top-tier. Be open to new ideas as well.

Final thought

Now that you have the key tips at the palm of your hands, it is important to note that things will not always go your way. Event planning involves a lot of time-sensitive deadlines that need to be met and unforeseen problems that may derail your efforts. Be resilient and keep going with the alternatives you have. Always relax and even if you panic, maintain a calm face so your team can function. Keep on researching event planning techniques and you will catch wind of it.

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