Are you booking for a great promotional item that will be useful for your customers and help build brand awareness at the same time? Of course you are! Everyone running a business today needs something to hook and engage their clientele. Have you considered custom drinkware? Drinkware like tumblers and water bottles are popular items these days. Tumblers especially offer a high return on investment when it comes to using them as a promo item, predominantly due to their customizable nature. Tumblers are pretty versatile, too. You can sell them, give them away, offer them as promo items, gifts, as part of loyalty programs, and more. The only limits are the marketing department’s imagination! So whether you already sell tumblers or are just now beginning to branch out to them, here are five types of tumblers to use for your small business.


When most of us think of tumblers we probably think of those plastic cups that have a built-in straw and lid. That is, in fact, precisely what they are. Those are and that’s what plastic tumblers are. They are wonderful and multifaceted containers that are ultimately useful for all occasions. The addition of a straw makes them an even better value than a water bottle in some cases. Plastic custom tumblers offer some benefits over their metal counterparts. To begin with, they’re often cheaper and lighter. That alone makes them easier to transport. Plastic is less likely to dent or rust, and can stand up to a lot of punishment before showing off any dents . Most plastic tumblers are often translucent or clear, which can give your drink a bit of extra flair. If style and looks are part of your criteria for selecting a tumblr, then the plastic one is the way to go. Make sure that you put your company information on it, though, to maximize the benefit of passive advertising when other people see your customers drinking from one of your awesome tumblers.


Insulated drink containers are a godsend at both hot and cold times of the year. Insulation in a beverage container means it’ll keep your drink at a decent temperature as long as you’re using it. Insulation in a tumbler works by trapping air pockets between the inner and outer walls of the container. The air creates an insulating barrier that helps to keep heat or cold from escaping. It’s pretty cool. There are different types of insulation available, and it is important to understand how each type works in order to make the best decision for your needs. Insulated tumblers is great if you want to keep your drinks cold all day long—something that comes in quite handy during the long summer months. It’s made with double-wall insulation that will keep your drink at the perfect temperature until the last sip. That’s an

Stainless Steel

Sometimes nothing beats the glory and Majesty of a stainless steel item. This is doubly so for tumblers and drink containers of any kind. Stainless steel is a durable material and can take a lot of damage. It’s perfect for hiking, long walks, exercise, and traveling. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and won’t rust, making it a fantastic option for a drinking vessel. They are much safer than plastic ones and don’t cause poisoning. They are also very strong and can be used over and over again. If you decide to sell or promote with stainless steel tumblers, don’t forget to include your logo, company contact info,

Travel Mug

For those of us who like to travel around a lot, having a travel mug can be a wonderful addition to any adventure. Travel mugs are usually plastic and are typically used for hot beverages. They also have handy spill proof lids that can be a great help to prevent spillage. That way you can have your hot tea or your coffee on the go! A travel mug is great for promotional purposes too. Simply add your logo prominently on the front and anytime somebody drinks from it, another person might see that and become interested in your business. If it’s of high quality design and construction, if you’ve got yourself a recipe for generating client interest and reaping the benefits of passive advertising on something so simple.


A thermos is useful and can be used for drinks and soup. People love having something that they can actually use, making a personalized thermos ideal for keeping drinks/soup warm on the go. They also make great additions to gift baskets, anniversary gifts, or as prizes for loyalty programs. Like other tumblers, they come in such a wide variety of styles and colors, there’s likely to be one to match your brand identity. If you’re looking for an affordable way to promote your business or event, consider using custom logo thermos as part of your marketing strategy today.

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