A favorite trend over the years has been and continues to be engraving personal items with either name, initials, favorite memberships or just for prestige. Mailboxes, homes, clothing, cars and even jewelry are engraved. The rich and famous have been known to engrave or leave their names on their cars, boats, RV’s and what they consider items of prestige. This demonstrates to others their financial status or status in life.

These forms of personalized information, also known as ‘Branding’ are the most valuable aspects of your business strategy. ‘Branding’ to provide recognition, and ownership is imperative in the business world today. The method of Branding is not complicated, nor is it expensive. There are simple yet unique ways to brand your business or product to make you unique and memorable.

1. Ink Pad Printing

Without having to invest a lot of upfront cost, new business owners can provide their own exposure by purchasing an ink pad with your business contact details. This is an inexpensive method when needing to gain exposure. Simple ink pads come in all shapes or sizes and can be designed or imprinted with anything needed to impress, draw attention and drive high volumes of traffic to your business. All you need to do is provide the printer with a catchy phrase which will draw attention then add all other pertinent details. Spotlight a few words to identify your expertise then include contact information. With your individualized pad and ink, you can get the attention your business requires.

2. Vehicle Wrapping

Driving anywhere for any period of time you’re bound to see at least one vehicle on the road with a business advertised. This method is called ‘Vehicle Wrapping.’ While it is very popular, it can be expensive. Plus, you must have enough exposure on the roads to make it work. Of course, at some point, the vehicle has to be parked and still provide exposure. Ideally, having major business pointers to place on vehicles can help.

3. Laser Engraving

Laser engraving could be a fancy yet an important item in your branding strategy. This past decade what has been important when creating a brand is its uniqueness, some streaks that make your brand stand out from the million others. It could be used in creating a business card, a unique office sign, an employee badge or in any other place a personalization might be required. It might be a good idea to invest in the best laser engraving machine so it can serve you for the long years of your prosperity ahead.

4. 3D Imagery Using Round Print Screening

When advertising has to be on curved surfaces, one method which is effective and highly technical is Round Print Screening. You can use this method when needing to add advertising to anything curved. Glasses, windows, books. Anything of a curved nature can be an advertising tool when using Round Print Screening. This method works extremely well on 3D objects. Materials such as PVC, Aluminum, plastic, acrylic and more can be printed using the RSP method. Many companies send out one well-known item which are ink pens using #E Imagery. Other small imprinted items also are used as advertisement printed using the RPS method.

5. Unique Gifts

Most people just love FREE stuff. Even if it’s not something valuable and important it’s still a gesture that leavesa positive impression on the consumer. Imagine you went to a small restaurant, ordered your food and are about to leave when a waiter along with your order brings a small candy or a cookie with a branded packaging. What a great service you’d think and voila the restaurant most probably got a returning customer. It could also be a small gift bag with your brand on it that you can offer to your customers for free if they are buying a present. In short a small branded gift to your customer could go a long way, with minimal spending you can earn a lifelong customer loyalty and a strong branding on top.

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