The transportation of goods sensitive to different climatic conditions is called temperature-controlled freight shipping. You want your products to arrive at their destination fresh and in the right situation. These products should be handled and stored in a unique way to maintain their temperature from point A to B. For example, if you’re transporting flowers, they should be fresh when they arrive at another dock.

When transporting perishable goods through dry van semi trailers, you need one with a strong build temperature-controlled shipping strategy to keep your goods efficiently. Determine the limitation of the packaging and the best packaging options to ensure goods arrive safely. A variety of factors determines the value of the shipment. When transporting an array of products, understand that the temperature speed, stability, and security vary.

What Are Perishable Items?

As stated by the International Air transport Association (IATA), a perishable item degenerates over time when exposed to critical environmental conditions such as utmost humility and temperatures. Examples of perishable items include fruits, flowers, dairy, plants, pharmaceuticals, vegetables, and seafood.

Below are five reasons why temperature-controlled freight shipping is needed.

You Can Easily Set the Right Parameters

When transporting sensitive goods, setting the right temperature parameters helps them arrive in their suitable condition. Suppose you’re transporting chocolate it needs to maintain its shape and not melt on the way. You need to ensure the driver understands these parameters to maintain the temperature range. It’s also important to inform the driver about the places he can park on the dock when the truck is not moving. When the temperature is maintained correctly, no air can escape, and your products will be in order.

You Get the Best Packaging for Your Products

The most recommended packaging is insulation, which reduces heat transfer from the walls of the packaging container. The material used for insulation includes rigid polyurethane foam, reflective materials, and expanded polystyrene foam. Dry ice and gel coolant are also utilized for cool temperature items. You can select the best packaging for your products depending on what you are transporting and what works for you.

Knowledge of Packaging Limitations

The semi-trailer refrigerated capacity is less. Adding another insulation layer can reduce the space of the truck. Before packaging, consider the dimensions in the car to ensure the payload capability is intact. It’s essential to understand the guidelines given for transporting specific products. The trucks have a refrigerator unit and insulated walls, which reduce space and add weight to the truck limiting the capacity. When using a truck company, you will get advice on the number of trucks you will need to transport your goods.

You Choose the Best Route to Transport Goods

The truck company will advise you and select the best route to ensure the temperature is controlled for sensitive products. The way is determined based on the weather condition to ensure no adverse heat or cold affects your perishable goods.

You Can Ship a Variety of Products

There are a variety of products you can ship using temperature-controlled freight. With the right truck company, they will arrange your products to ensure they are well packaged.

Considerations for Picking a Truck Company Service Provider

When choosing a truck company to ship your perishable items, it is essential to consider qualified and have the right requirements to handle your goods. Below are some of the factors to consider when picking a truck company.

Specialization of Services

Some products you could be transporting may need special care to arrive in good condition. Get a company that offers specialized services.


A company that has experience in shipping products same as yours gives you confidence they are the best to consider for good to arrive intact and safe. Choose a company that has been in the industry for at least five years.

Tracking Services

A company that offers tracking services for your climate-sensitive products throughout the journey helps you know where they are and when they will arrive. You will also have confidence and peace of mind when you can track your products.

Speed of Delivery

Choose a company that will deliver your products on time. Get information from the carrier on what time they will depart and the expected time to arrive at their destination.

The logistics of transporting perishable goods can be overwhelming when doing the job yourself. Partnering with a trucking company can help you with the logistic planning process. Your goods will arrive in the right condition when you consider our trucking shipment company.

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