Many organizations use their own corporate clothing. In doing so, it is important that the clothing is beautiful and, of course, comfortable. You can also think about offering clothing for various weather types, so that there is always something to choose from.

But what are the main reasons for using workwear? We list them for you!

Work clothes are there to protect you. This can be a protection against dirt or hazardous substances. In addition, it can also offer protection against special circumstances. Think of working in a cold store or outside in wind and weather. Both the work and the working environment determine what needs to be protected. Do you work in construction? Then you also have to deal with a bit of safety. In construction it is important to be clearly visible. This can be done, among other things, by wearing high-visibility clothing. There are work jackets, vests and shirts with reflective tape.

In addition to the required matters, there may be personal preferences. Does anyone find it practical to be able to put their mobile phone in an inside pocket? Or would someone rather wear short work trousers instead of long ones? There is a lot of choice nowadays.

1) Create recognition

Company clothing can be printed with a logo or your own text. This ensures that you are instantly recognizable to the customer. In addition, you build up brand recognition. It is easy to get clothing printed online, for example at an online printing company such as Drukbedrijf. Here you can get sweaters, polos, T-shirts and many other types of clothing printed. You can also go there for your other promotional printed matter, such as flyers or brochures (translation: brochure drukken). 

You can get clothing printed with your logo and a text at various positions on the garment. Think of printing on the chest, front, back or sleeve. You can also combine multiple positions, for example your logo on the chest and a text on the back.

2) Safety first!

This is the most important reason, because safety first! Company clothing can ensure the safety and protection of your employees and in some cases it is also mandatory. Some professions require you to meet certain safety regulations. Think of clothing that protects against heat or clothing worn during construction or road work. Examples are work pants with knee protection, safety vests or eye-catching rain suits. In addition to ensuring that work clothing with protection can be worn everywhere responsibly, it lowers absenteeism.

3) Professional appearance

Besides the fact that work clothing makes you recognizable and people immediately know who is at work, it also gives you a professional image. You show that you have thought of everything.  It gives a positive view of your organization.

4) Unity in the workplace

The last important reason for corporate clothing is that it creates unity in the workplace. This creates equality and closeness amongst each other. In addition, your employees no longer have to think about what to wear. If employees feel connected to the company, they can carry the brand with pride. Tip: Make sure you have good quality clothing. Employees who are happy with the clothes they are wearing are more likely to radiate this as well!

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