There is a lot of discussion about whether artificial intelligence will replace humans in every industry. And, that discussion is going on in the marketing industry also. But, will artificial intelligence really take over the jobs of thousands of marketers? Let’s understand everything steps by step.


No more repetitive tasks


Artificial intelligence frees marketers from doing repetitive jobs. They are best at copying what humans do. You program them to do something; they will follow your commands. It’s not the other way around. That is why they can send promotional emails according to predetermined schedules. You don’t have to send them manually. AI is basically a time-saver, not a job-taker.


Room for innovation


Companies value marketing services because of innovative minds working behind computers. For example, you want to purchase Facebook followers; you contact a social media service company. Do you think companies like Famoid, one of the best in the business, go to each follower individually and persuades them to follow your brand? No, they don’t! They use AI to reach a significant number of followers and inform them about their duties. How cool is that?


When it comes to innovation and thinking outside the box, humans will always lead the race. Humans understand what the client wants for their brand. Moreover, when a human talks to another human, their consultation can bring out various promotional ideas that can lead to their brand’s success. Imagine your client talking to a robot instead of a marketing expert. It will be like talking to the wall; a single-sided conversation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work in the marketing field. So, your job is safe if you are in the creative department.


Interpreting results


One thing that AI is excellent at is interpreting results. But they can’t analyze the reports; humans can. So, even if you have tons of AI KPIs and metrics scaling your marketing results day in and day out, those reports won’t mean anything if you don’t analyze them. AI considers various factors like previous sales volumes, the present market demand, expected ROI, and several other things, making it easier for you to analyze the reports quickly. Their basic function is to finish work quickly so that humans can develop marketing strategies according to their findings.


Cultivating brand culture


What makes a client’s brand different from its competitors? The client usually talks you through their entire mission and vision to ensure that you understand what kind of brand culture they have. This conversation won’t have the same effect if they talk to a machine. Human touch is always necessary when it comes to marketing. You will understand better what the client wants to convey. Moreover, when you talk to the client while discussing possible marketing strategies, he/she will approve or reject the plans then and there. You don’t have to wait for hours for a response.


Humans stand as the backbone of artificial intelligence. No matter how hard AI tries to get your job, it will be difficult, considering the creative power you bring to the marketing table.

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