If you’re spending hours in your room leveling up your video game character, then might as well level up your gaming setup!

There’s no rule that states your gaming den should be all black– also, who says it has to be cool and not cute? In this article, we’ll share some of the best kawaii gaming accessories that can spice up your room, bring in some character, and add tons of cuteness.

1. Kawaii Gaming Headphones

Background music and sound effects are important elements that make the game more engaging.

But did you know that aside from providing the full gaming experience, there are some kawaii gaming headphones out there that can add some personality and style to your special corner in your home.

Razer’s Kraken Kitty Headset which features cat ears is extremely popular not only for its quality, but also its level of cuteness. There are also other kawaii alternatives out there such as the Logitech G733 Lilac Headset, which has no special gimmicks but its color can definitely blend well with your kawaii room. 

2. Kawaii Gaming Chairs

A gaming setup won’t be complete without a gaming chair. There are plenty of kawaii gaming chairs that will not only keep you comfortable during your long hours of play, but will also add a dose of cuteness to your gaming den. 

3. Kawaii Console/ Controller Skins or Special Controllers

While some gamers strive to keep their consoles and controllers at their original appearance as much as possible, there are others who prefer to customize. You’ll find kawaii decals that you can peel off and paste onto your console and controllers yourself or have them professionally installed.

However, if you’re the type of gamer who wants the best of both worlds, you can buy a separate kawaii controller so you can still preserve the look of your original controllers.

4. Kawaii Gaming Keyboards or Keycaps

Nowadays, everyone seems to be customizing or building their own mechanical keyboard. This makes sense as the keyboard is one of the first things that will catch your eyes when you see a gaming computer setup. 

You can make your entire keyboard look kawaii or just add cute artisan keycaps. If you don’t want to go through all the fuss of building your own, there are a lot of ready to use, plug ‘n play kawaii keyboards that you can buy.

5. Kawaii Headphone Stand

Earlier, we talked about kawaii gaming headphones. If you decide on buying one, we highly recommend that you pair it with a kawaii headphone stand. 

This will not only let you proudly display your headphones, but will also help you organize your gaming setup and avoid annoying cable tangles.

6. Kawaii Mouse Pads or Desk Mats

Anti-slip and static-free mouse pads or desk mats are an essential part of any gaming setup. There are a lot of kawaii mouse pads out there that can complement your kawaii theme. Plus points if it comes with a soft, squishy wrist rest because holding a mouse for long periods can hurt your wrist.

7. Kawaii Cable Bites/ Organizers

No matter how much you try to go cableless, you will still have to organize some cables to make your setup look neat and minimalistic. 

So make your life easier by using kawaii cable bites. You’ll surely find these little cable management helpers a super cute way to tidy up your space.

8. Kawaii Seat Cushion

Make your gaming chair extra comfortable with a kawaii seat cushion. They come in different types– some are round or donut-shaped to snuggly hug your bottoms, while others also provide comfort on your back. 

From animal-themed to faux fur cushions, you’ll surely find something for you online, especially in kawaii shops.

9. Kawaii Nintendo Switch Cases and Game Card Cases

Take your Nintendo Switch anywhere you go, but do it with style by using a kawaii lightweight, protective case. These cute cases are not only for your console, but also typically come with game card slots. Others even have a dedicated space for the charger, but this type is a bit bigger.

If you have a huge collection of game cartridges and the available slots are not enough, you need to buy a separate kawaii game card case. The cool thing about these kawaii console and game card cases, aside from their obvious purpose of protecting your possessions from damage, is that they can double as decoration in your room.

10. Kawaii Thumb Grips

Whether you’re playing on your Nintendo Switch or Playstation, thumb grips are important so your sweaty fingers won’t ruin your game. 

A simple online search will lead you to countless kawaii thumb grips, but choose carefully and buy those that are soft and comfortable. High quality thumb grips are scratch-proof, waterproof, and won’t leave your thumbs smelling like rubber.

11. Kawaii Lamps and Wall Lights

Playing for extended hours in a dark room can hurt your eyes. So why not light it up with a kawaii lamp?

You’ll find unicorn lamps, cute game-inspired lamps, and kawaii anime-themed lamps that can brighten up your desk. Alternatively, if your walls are empty, kawaii lights can definitely add a splash of vibrance to your boring walls.

12. Kawaii Coasters

This one is not really a gaming accessory, but all the gamers we know tend to eat and drink on their desk. So prevent wet spots and keep your table clean by placing your bottle or cup on a kawaii coaster!

Final Thoughts

Since you’re spending a significant amount of your time every day in your room, it won’t hurt to invest in products that will make your gaming sessions more enjoyable and comfortable.

If you’re looking for kawaii gaming accessories that are not only functional, but can complement the aesthetics of your kawaii room, you might want to check out ooKawaii! They offer cute keycaps, Nintendo Switch accessories, mouse pads, cushions, plushies, and AirPod cases!

Explore your options and splurge a little– everybody needs a bit of (or more) kawaii in their life!

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