Now that restrictions are finally being lifted, many people are itching to start travelling. There are so many great sites that tell you what to bring but they don’t tell you how to protect your phone and other smart devices. In this article, I will be providing you with the ultimate list of top products to bring along on your adventure.


Let’s dive in!


Choose Your Adventure


Whether you are planning to sail the seas and scuba dive, walk through the rainforest, or lounge near a lux hotel pool, you will need to bring waterproof cases works well. There are a few different terms to describe these types of cases and what they actually mean:


  • Water-resistant – this means that the case may resist some forms of water penetration but not all.
  • Water Repellant – have a coating that supposedly repels water from affecting the device but its highly debated
  • Waterproof – waterproof cases works well to stop water damage from happening


These different levels of protection also refer to what type of water exposure is possible with each: Water-resistant like an iPhone or smartwatch means that you can use your phone in the rain or even drop it in the sink and you are likely to be able to avoid damage.


A repellant that works will protect some parts of the device from submersion in water but a tested waterproof device will actually ensure that the main parts of your smart device are safe from damage.


Which Case to Choose


Regardless of what exposure you think you may encounter, I recommend a waterproof case because you never know how situations can change. Sites like Shopfordevice offer a great selection of waterproof phone cases for any iPhone. Here are a few of their top picks:


  1. Vapespoon Slim Case for iPhone XS – all over protection in a slim case. This comes with IP6 8 certification meaning it can be underwater for six and a half hours without damage. This case is almost made with TPU so it will protect your phone from drops, dings, and bumps.
  2. iBalson – if you prefer the rugged look and need a case that will protect your phone from various elements like dust, drops, and water, this case is a great pick. Also, for the iPhone XS
  3. Sinkry is a great waterproof option that has been tested and also offers a thin TPU case. This case has withstood over six and a half feet of water!


Battery Cases Matter


When travelling you need to make sure your phone is charged at all times. You can pick up a convenient portable battery case like the iPhone XS Bax which offers you almost sixty hours of music battery life. It’s also very affordable.


Another favourite is the Wavypo Max Battery Charging Case which has a built-in lithium battery which adds over twelve hours to your internet surfing and eight hours to your talk time!


Wrap Up


If you are ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime or just want to spend more time by the pool be ready with any of these great iPhone XS phone cases. Keep your phone charged, sleek, and safe with these cases. To read reviews and see your options go here, now!



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