If you use Instagram for marketing, you already must be aware that it’s greater than simply being a place to save your best brand photos. It’s an effective strategy for establishing your business and nurturing an internet community.

Complying with the increased competition on social media these days, it has become very important to always keep your followers engaged and keep growing on Instagram. 

Increasing your likes or follows isn’t the only way to measure interaction. It’s all about tracking how your public interacts with the material you post. This shows that individuals aren’t only looking at your stuff. 

They’re paying attention to everything you’re expressing. In addition, Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes high engagement. The greater the level of participation, the better probability of the post would be to get promoted in people’s explore feed for you to gain more audience.

There are various ways and strategies you can make and follow to keep your audience increasing day by day and getting higher engagement rates on Instagram. 

We have mentioned a few of them here to make your task easy and effortless. Try them out to always be growing on the platform and keeping your audience engaged and interested always to gain more followers. 

Use Different Features

Instagram keeps introducing new and amazing features. And, you must definitely use them to your advantage for your account to grow. Many of its features also provide an opportunity to directly interact with your followers which may be beneficial to you.

Instagram Live is an amazing option to directly interact with your audience. You can go live, talk and interact with your followers. Arranging and having these kinds of sessions frequently always help you keep your audience engaged. 

You can use Instagram Stories to tell your audience when you would be going live so that most of them can connect with you. You can also decide and tell your audience what you would be talking about in your live session and how you’d be interacting with them. 

You can keep QnA sessions and ask them to post their question beforehand by using other features like polls and questions so that you can prepare them around before you go live.

Ask Them What They Want

The most important thing to have engagement on Instagram is to post consistently. But do make it the only reason and post whatever you want to. 

Listen to your audience, ask them what they want from you and what they want to see. Stop being monotonous, as it gets boring after a while. 

Try new things by also communicating with your audience, and knowing what type of content they would want to see. 

This way you can make them feel wanted as well as this will help you increase your followers and get high engagement on Instagram. You can also buy Instagram views to receive higher engagement. 

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Respond to Them

Once you gain a higher number of followers, it’s very well understood that you cannot personally interact with all of them. 

However, you must keep in connection with most of them. You do not have to talk to them personally to maintain a connection. 

But try to respond if someone DMs you, try to reply to as many comments as you can so that your followers know that you see what they write for you and even respond to them.

This will keep them doing so and hence you will get higher engagement on Instagram which will eventually lead you to more followers and growth on the platform. 

You can also put up stories thanking your followers and showing your gratitude towards them to make you reach a success level on the platform. 

Make them feel that you know their worth and you want them to stay devoted to you. Arrange giveaways and other types of contests to give them back for what they have given to you. 

They would even talk about this when they receive anything from you and gradually you can earn more followers from their word of mouth. 

You can also add conditions for users who want to participate in your contests like tagging people in comments of your posts, liking a certain number of posts, or sharing them on their story. 

You don’t always have to dig a hole in your pocket for promoting your brand, small and simple steps will also help you achieve your target if you plan and make your marketing strategies smartly and effectively. 

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Be Genuine and Take Your Time

It’s preferable to be genuine and relevant rather than precise on Instagram. Upload material that extends above your sleek advertising effort to showcase your company’s actual characters and events. 

The truth is that there isn’t any quick fix for high interaction. Whatever you give into online networks is just everything you receive back from it. Therefore spend sufficient time to create a wonderful piece, stimulate discussion, and engage with your fans authentically.

Instagram is a medium where you share things but to make them interesting, they must be visually appealing for which you need enough time and a little more effort. 

Even if you are not able to be consistent and post regularly on the platform initially, do not worry and put anything over it. Take enough time to create good content but post the content which looks good. 

Ensure your audience will like what you are posting rather than just posting anything to just fulfill your target of posting regularly and consistently.  


These are a few practices you can consider to engage with your followers and gain more audience. With higher engagement from your existing followers, you will eventually grow on your path of increasing and gaining more followers. 

If you want to grow as an influencer on Instagram, the journey might seem tough, however, with continuous efforts and investing a little bit of time you can definitely achieve your goals and keep growing on social media. 

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