Today’s social media marketing is a sphere of business and research that now has a big community of experts who constantly analyze the media space and then come up with rather valuable insights about it. Of course, it may be an interesting adventure for you to discover the way social platforms work, but with the current level of competition, it is much better to launch your blog with some knowledge behind your back. Our expert, Ronald A. Harris, has collected the most effective tips for Instagram promotion using his own knowledge and insights from his colleagues. These tips are exposed to you here in this article, and Ronald also provided his comments on the statements.

  1. Don’t be afraid to boost your blog

Many people are afraid of using paid services for their promotion, as they imagine the typical promotion of the recent years – bots, who only make the numbers bigger. Everybody knows that bots are illegal, and such a purchase can end up with your ban. However, Ronald is sure that nowadays, it is hardly possible to promote even original content and avoid the need to buy Instagram likes. Besides, modern services offer a legit promotion – with gradual delivery and real users who interact with your account.

“The market is overflowing with blogs in most industries, especially after the pandemic. And to squeeze yourself in and get noticed by the wide audience, one has to consider purchasing stats for their profile, at least in the beginning of the career.”

  1. Plan everything

Without a defined goal and scheduled steps to it, you won’t reach any success. Most marketers agree on one thing – nothing works without a plan. You must settle your online presence, count your prospects and act accordingly. Planning your activity for some period ahead is an excellent method to not only build a decent strategy for your growth on Instagram but to free some time to spend on other things that are important in your life.

“As blogging often remains a part-time career for many people, it cannot work without a strict plan that helps you to remain productive.”

  1. Research your potential audience

It is much better to launch your campaign when you know for sure what reaction to expect. To create such a promotion strategy, you must examine the behavior and preferences of your target group on Instagram. Look through profiles of popular companies and influencers in your niche. Your task is to understand what is the most interesting content to them and what triggers the most significant activity on the platform.

“You should never copycat someone’s idea for the blog. But you can use the experience that established bloggers have for creating a strong base to attract people. This cannot be done intuitively, and it will be great to get some insights from more experienced colleagues.”

  1. Use all instruments that Instagram has to offer

Many bloggers concentrate their efforts on creating stories, but this is not a sufficient thing in today’s reality. To make your profile grow, you must embrace all the arsenal of Instagram:

  • Feed posts
  • Stories
  • Live
  • IGTV

This range of content types is more than enough for providing a decent rate of an online presence and expanding your audience to the max.

“The variety of content types on Instagram gives you much space for experimenting and bonding with your audience. It would be wise to introduce this variety gradually, carefully analyzing the reaction of the audience and dynamic of your blog. Let your followers vote with their likes and views, see where it goes. But no matter what, you totally should use everything that Instagram has to offer – it gives you a lot of freedom for movement.”

  1. Create unique details to decorate your blog

Users need an exact reason to subscribe to your profile. And since we are talking about social media here, the main hook to attract the audience and motivate them to follow you is your personality and unique features that can make your blog special.

“In most cases, people follow a blogger as they find something that both resonates with them and what surprises them. You can talk about simple things, but it’s the way you do it that attracts more followers to your blog.”

  1. Share personal with your audience


One of the secrets that make social media so popular is the ability to connect with other people and find influencers who are close to your perception of life. So if you want to reach success on Instagram, it has to be an exhibition of your personality. The level of exposure you can set to your liking, so private things remain private.

“Yes, it is highly effective to maintain a personal connection with your followers because this is basically glue for your career as a blogger. Inspirations, thoughts, daily stories – this is what makes your content attractive to more users & will make them leave likes and comments”

  1. Improve the quality

Along with the sense that you input your posts, they have to be attractive visually. Instagram is a platform that is based on image exchange, so your content has to bring esthetic pleasure to the viewers, motivating them to follow your profile to get more.

“Instagram has revolutionized from a simple album of daily photos of your friends to a huge aggregator of various content with high esthetic value. This fact brings certain expectations to the new content. Now it is required to have a stylish feed, original color correction, and overall high-quality photos and videos. As a result, your profilewill get likes and followers organically.”

  1. Keep up with the trends

Social media generates new trends quickly, and Instagram is one of the most fast-changing platforms in this matter. Trendsetting on this network is hard to follow, but it is totally worth it. Introducing the freshest trends to your content plan is a great way to expand your reach and dilute your materials for the sake of entertaining your followers.

“Of course, you should filter what you really need to implement and what is not worth your attention. Viral posts are an easy way to add new users to your fanbase, but this is also a bigger responsibility and more resources to spend on your blog. You have to be ready for that.”

  1. Use hashtags

On Instagram, it is highly recommended to make the most of hashtags. It would help if you found a balance between general and more specific terms to make your content easily discoverable for users throughout the platform. On this network, users can even follow a certain hashtag, and this fact also helps entrepreneurs and creators to expand their visibility.

“Nothing more to say here, hashtags are power on Instagram. And none should neglect it.”

  1. Be yourself

Recently, the network has begun to actively support rational acceptance of the human body and personality. Nowadays, it is effortless to track fake information, and followers do not appreciate such behavior.

“On Instagram, the best strategy for success is to be yourself. Whatever you do, whatever is your niche, it’s what attracts people and makes you a true leader of thoughts.”

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