In the business world, online advertising, also known as digital marketing, is a key tool to publicize the product, service or brand that the company is responsible for offering. Currently, the most successful digital tools are the social networks specialized in the generation of content, because the connections and interactions between users happen in their day-to-day lives. That is why social network operation have become an essential work part of companies today.

However, there are many social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok, etc., which platform should be the most invested? In this article, what we are going to discuss is Instagram. According to statistics, Instagram has reached more than 500 million daily active users, which is almost twice the number of active users on other platforms. Why? One of the important reasons for this is Instagram stories.

Why Instagram stories can be helpful in your digital marketing?

– Instagram stories can generate a great deal of engagement and value (just like an animated sales video).

– The stories can reflect the interaction in the time that Instagram is used on a daily basis: go from 24 minutes to 32 minutes just for viewing stories. Additionally, TechCrunch estimates indicate that one in five stories receives a direct response.

– It works to increase traffic to Instagram accounts by publishing video content that can capture more attention than just pictures and texts.

– You can lead attention directly to what you offer, product or service, if your Instagram has more than 10K followers.

How to Create Animated Instagram Stories: 6 Apps to Make It Easy

Animated Instagram stories are more interesting than “regular Instagram stories.” People tend to like things that “move” and if moving objects are interesting and funny, they are more likely to check more and then follow the Instagram account. So if this is applied to business promotion, of course it will be very effective.

Here are 6 apps to make animated Instagram stories.


This video editor for iPhone (there is also an Android version) is easy to be used by anyone, including people without any video editing experience. This application provides a variety of basic editing tools, like split, trim, cut, copy, add text/music, adjust speed, PIP, etc.

But what really makes FilmoraGo stand out from other video editing tools is these following features:

– A rich library of materials: all kinds of filters, transitions, effects and stickers, thousands of royalty music

– AR Camera: this is a camera feature with Augmented Reality technology that is equipped with face beautification and facial props.

-Double Take: with this you can record dual-view content with iPhone’s two front and rear cameras.

If you are interested in FilmoraGo, just download this iOS video editor directly from App Store, there is a three-day trial.


This app has a wide variety of templates, and what’s more important is that they can be customized! This is definitely a boon for many people who need to quickly produce a lot of video material within a short time, making up for the exhaustion of editing inspiration.

With Mojo, of course you can easily add lots of effects, titles, animations, colors, and more. What’s more, you can also easily make changes like trim, crop, change speeds, and add custom fonts.

Mojo is a simple application but offers a lot of possibilities in the editing process.

Adobe Spark

Adobe is known as a professional editing software manufacturer, but many of their products are designed for professionals. If you are just a newbie, there is also a product worth trying, called Adobe Spark, which seems to be more aimed at beginners.

With this application, even someone who has never made animated graphics will have no difficulty designing various animated graphics for Instagram stories.

Another important note: you can send content from Adobe Spark directly to your Later Media Library with the Later Chrome Extension on desktop. It’s very useful when you need to edit different video materials on your phone and computer at the same time.

Life Lapse

Life Lapse has an identity of its own! This app is known for its ability to create stop-motion stories. But you need to make more effort when shooting video material, you may need a iPhone,  and a tripod, and of course, having a good lighting is even better.

This app is more than just a stop motion creator as it is equipped with editing features such as setting speeds, filters, music, and an interval timer.

Enlight Pixaloop

Want to add motion to your images? Do it with Enlight Pixaloop!

This application allows you to add movement to any static image. You only need to place the arrows to adjust the motion of the image and also add anchors to adjust the speed of the animated area. Very easy and practical!


Interested in applying GIFs to your Instagram stories? ImgPlay is highly recommended!

This is a great application for creating GIFs using photos and videos. With ImgPlay, you can cut portions of your video to create a GIF. Likewise, you can also select multiple photos to create a GIF or slideshow.

Want to edit existing GIFs? Relax, it can be done too with ImgPlay!


Although Instagram Stories is a good marketing platform, only suitable and high-quality video content can continue to attract users. Therefore, before trying Instagram marketing, first determine your account type and the direction of your video content, and then choose the most suitable video editing tool to put your ideas into practice.

However, if you really don’t know which video editing software to choose at the very beginning, start with the most versatile tool FilmoraGo iPhone video editor!

Thanks a lot for reading.

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