Most modern businesses focus their marketing efforts on online marketing. SEO and SEM help you increase your visibility. But you should take advantage of all the media that your target group uses. For many businesses, that means being out there on social media, too. But how do you make sure your social media marketing efforts pay off? Try these four tips to get the most out of your best social media tools and marketing.

Community Building

The goal of a professional social media account on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram is to create touchpoints with your target group. But setting up a profile isn’t enough. In order to be successful on social media, you need to build a community. Organic growth is always more valuable, because it’s authentic, but it can be hard to reach enough people at the beginning of your journey.

That’s why you should make sure to gain first followers in every country your business operates in. Buying German Instagram followers can be a great first step on your way to reaching a broader target group in Germany. But you have to make sure that you purchase real followers with real profiles, not bots. If potential customers come across your profile and see that many people from their country seem to find it interesting, the psychological barrier of pushing the “follow” button becomes easier to overcome.

Community Interaction

As you´re starting to build your community, you´ll want to make sure not to lose the followers you already have. Try to post on a regular basis: Followers love authentic insights in your business and way of working. Depending on what you sell, your content can be funny, serious, informative or questioning – no matter what you prefer, make sure to add value to your content so that your community is happy to consume it.

Valuable content is also the key to follower interaction. If your community likes, saves, comments and shares your posts, the Instagram algorithm realizes that your content seems to be relevant to your target group. If that happens, the platform will play your content out to more members of your target group.

Business social media people network in a cloud of company speech bubbles colors.

How to Raise Interaction

Good content is the main prerequisite for follower interaction. But if you just give out information without encouraging your community to interact, your business won’t benefit from your efforts. There are various things you can do to get your followers to interact:

In your posts, always make sure to ask a question at the end. Also make sure to use Instagram stories, to which you can add question stickers, surveys and other interaction tools. If your followers interact, don’t ignore it – instead, try to react to comments, direct messages and other things within a short period of time.

Giveaways, Challenges and Competitions

The best thing that can happen to you is that your posts go viral. Giveaways, interesting challenges or competitions are a great way of achieving that goal. You can either ask your community to answer questions about your product or draw a price for one of the followers who have interacted with a certain post or story.

When doing challenges, competitions or giveaways, always keep data protection and transparency in mind. Your prices don’t need to be big and valuable, but should be something your community would like to have. Why not raffle one of your products and ask the winner for a story that features you and your profile afterwards?

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the best way of getting your products out there. Before you´re able to collaborate with bloggers, you should have built a somewhat stable community, though. Influencer marketing isn’t exactly cheap, but if you collaborate with smaller accounts, it might be enough to just send them your products for free. Bigger accounts will usually charge you money for story time or posts. If you have the budget for that, give it a try – influencer marketing can cause a big increase of turnover.

Third party social media platforms have helped content creators widen their reach. It’s especially common to seek help from such platforms for Instagram influencers, who buy followers, likes and comments in order to increase organic engagement through a momentary boost. For security purposes, if you want top notch YouTube subscribers, likes, comments or virtually any kind of YouTube servce, consider reputable services like Socialwick.


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