As a sci-fi fan, I’ve got some pretty high expectations for the future, including but not limited to: transporters, flying cars and robot toasters that can feel love. I also expect everything to be computerized and controlled – Minority Report style. While I assumed that future was far off, Corning Incorporated suggests that it may be closer than I thought. In their concept video vaguely set “in the near future,” Corning shows off their crystal clear vision of things to come. Of course as a specialty glass and ceramics company, in Corning’s future everything is made of glass—including cell phones and stovetops. In the video we see people using every type of glass surface—from bathroom mirrors to tables—to watch videos, take phone calls or send messages. The display surface concept shares a lot of similarities with Microsoft Surface, but Corning brings a lot of other interesting technology to the table (so to speak) like windows that can selectively become tinted and flexible display glass that can be rolled up.

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