There are hundreds of thousands of viruses, trojans and malicious programs in the world. Thousands of new viruses and their modifications appear every day and antiviruses. Is there any chance to fight against them? The antivirus software is designed to protect your PC from all types of threats.


Many people believe that antivirus is not really necessary program and it just overloads the processor and uses a lot of system resources. In other cases, they are not ready to pay money for them. They think it is too much as they have already paid for Windows itself. However, the Windows operating system specification requires an installed antivirus.


In the post, we will see whether it is possible to get free antivirus protection for your computer. Also, we will give you some basic recommendations.


Types of antiviruses


Now let’s consider the types of antivirus programs. They are free and paid. Free antiviruses can provide a basic level of protection. Is it good indeed? In some cases, free antiviruses are not reliable and when you replace it with a paid app and run a full scan, there will be some trojans and viruses you did not suspect about.


Fortunately, most products provide the basic protection of the same level as the premium ones. All the products from our best free antivirus software comparison do not limit the basic protection features — there is an option to get a high level of security for free.


What antivirus is the best?


It is quite a problem for beginners: there are a lot of pieces of advice. People just hear about a lot of product names. Mostly, they seem very similar and the users are a bit frustrated to choose the most suitable one. However, there are some parameters you have to pay attention to.


Why choose a free solution?


If there is no extra money or you do not want to buy a paid program, the only solution is to install a free app. There is no need to look for cracked versions or stolen keys — they will be banned once you connect the program to the Internet.


Moreover, you have to update virus databases manually and never use your Internet connection. First, it is inconvenient, and second, manual updates are far from being regular — the level of protection is significantly reduced.


So, free antivirus is a great thing. It will provide reliable basic protection and you will not pay for it any cent.


Another important factor is the antivirus product system requirements. If the computer is quite outdated, the wrongly selected antivirus can significantly slow down its work. The app is useless when it does not work properly.


On the one hand, antivirus is more of a self-complacency tool than a protection one. The most valuable protection is the user himself. The virus developers test their creations on the most famous antiviruses to bypass their protection. Sometimes there is a paradox that a little-known antivirus has more efficiency than a widely known one.


Free antivirus can be really good and provide the greatest basic protection. Just pay enough attention to it.


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