As Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms that bring new opportunities to small businesses and personalities in the social media world, the number of followings and impressions they obtain serves as a part of how successful their marketing strategy is.

And as the competition between established businesses and influencers on Instagram intensifies with paid ads and exposure, small businesses and personalities stood no chance in keeping up with them.

Because of the gaps established and small businesses have in the Instagram world, small businesses are relying on increasing their engagements organically by making their customers support their social media handles by following, liking, and leaving recommendations for them.

But as placing their Instagram handle in the products, posters, or brochures only adds up the steps for people need to follow before hitting the follow icon in their Instagram profile (first get out your phone, then open your QR code reader, etc.), the social media platform is now including a QR code scanner for Instagram users to just scan an Instagram QR code and view its designated Instagram profile to follow.

With the platform’s addition to it, small businesses can now easily let people directly go to their Instagram profile by just converting their Instagram username into a QR code in two ways, through the Instagram App or creating one with the use of a QR code generator online.

What is the difference between Instagram’s own generated QR code and the use of a QR code generator online?

Since Instagram’s QR code inclusion has been running since 2019, avid Instagram users know that they can have their own Instagram QR code from the app and customize their QR code with a few QR code templates available in it.

And as it is great for personal use, it still lacks special QR code features like the ability to know how many people scan the code and follows you. Because of that, QR code generators step in to allow businesses to create their Instagram QR code, customize it and activate its scan statistics.

As you will be using them for business, having an added feature that an online QR code generator can give is the best option that you can have and add it to your campaign materials. Through this, you can completely get ahead of your competitors on Instagram and dominate both the online and offline community with its use it.

How to increase your Instagram followers and engagements with an Instagram QR code?

To increase your Instagram followers and engagements with an Instagram QR code, you can follow these different engagement marketing means .

Place your Instagram QR code in print marketing materials

Put your Instagram QR code in your print marketing materials like posters, brochures, and banners and get more followers and engagements on Instagram by strategically place them in areas where people can easily see them.

Attach it in your promotional videos

You can low-key attach your QR code in some of your promotional videos and direct viewers towards your Instagram profile by placing them in areas where they can easily see and scan the code.

Pin it in your other social media posts

As social media is a powerful platform that many businesses are now integrating, adding this QR code to your other social media profile is one great way to do to direct people from these platforms to also follow your business journey on Instagram.

Add it to your product packaging

If you have physical products to sell and you want to increase your Instagram engagements and followers, you can add this QR code to your product packaging. In this way, your customer can have an easy way to go directly to your Instagram profile, follow you and tag you in their product reviews.


With more businesses getting discovered through the use of social media, applying the use of social media platforms like Instagram is a great way to increase their brand exposure with billions of active users on the platform.

And as the battle for increased followers and engagements continues, the use of QR codes has become an integral tool that Instagram has added for an easy scan and view profile means for people to follow instantly.

Now that their convenience is inevitable, small businesses can start making one with the use of a QR code generator with logo and make them a part of their brand awareness and marketing campaigns for organically increasing their social media engagements.

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