Any Canadian with a printer will tell you that the price of refilling their ink can be a barrier to getting their work completed. However, when you consider that printer ink is the most expensive liquid on the planet then it makes sense that it costs so much to replace. To help reduce your costs, we have come up with a range of ideas that you can use to reduce the amount you spend each time you need a fresh cartridge.


Shop Around


Rather than just buying your cartridges for printers from the same place every time, shop around instead! Many stores sell ink and printer supply at different prices and have different offers for you to benefit from. If you have the time you can visit a range of stores and choose the best price or you can do some research on your computer before you head out by checking the prices online.


As well as looking at the ink prices, you should also see if you can find any coupons for vouchers for the stores that will bring your total price down at the till.


You can also sell used toners to Sell Toner for extra cash.


Look On Selling Websites


If you have a good eye for bargains and you are handy with a computer then you may want to look for your ink on a selling website. Many people sell things online when they have purchased in error or no longer need what they have bought. This logic applies to printer ink too so you may find the printer ink you need at a bargain price.


However, be careful when purchasing online and ask the seller or the printer cartridge supplier what the date of expiry is on the ink and where it is new and sealed. If it is not then do not buy it as you will not know how full the printer cartridge is.


Try Replacement Ink


Possibly the best idea to help you save money is to try a replacement ink rather than a genuine ink. Cartridges for printers in Canada do not need be expensive and when you choose to use a replacement ink seller, like Smart Ink, then you will find that you can save more than 50% of the list price on your new cartridges.


Before you buy from a replacement ink seller, make sure you check their ratings and their returns policy so that you can feel confident in the service they provide.


Print In Grayscale


Another way to save money is to change the way you print. Many of us blindly print lots of sheets and do not know that there is a more economic way to do it. The next time you need to print then print in grayscale instead as this uses much less ink per page. However, this will only work for documents that are not official or need to look top quality.


Other ways of saving the ink you use include turning on eco-mode, if you have it on your printer, and only printing the items you need rather than entire pages of content.


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