Thanks to the ever-growing world of technology, a lot of the world has access to mobile devices. Our phones generally stay on our person all day long, and usually stay next to us at night. They are the perfect companion as we can literally do almost anything on them. Mobile devices have become such a normal part of our lives that we don’t even have a second thought about them. Although we can all agree that we would be lost without them! Click this guide to learn more surprising smartphone statistics and you’ll realize why smartphone is very important and also, here are some ways we can use smartphones to our advantage.

Health and lifestyle

The development of smartphones has been a rather long process – we saw the first mobile phone on the market in the late nineties. However, these devices have now developed into smartphones with many different qualities. We can use these smartphones to the benefit of our health, fitness and lifestyle. Application stores such as the Apple Store and the Google Play offer a vast number of apps you can download – usually for free. For example, apps such as My Pocket Therapist provide counselling services on the go at any time. This is very useful for those who don’t want to seek help elsewhere. To find out more about this app, check out Other apps we can take advantage of are health and fitness apps as well as mindfulness apps.

These apps help you make your life easier, but what if you lose your phone? It’s a huge task to find it, and sometimes, it can land in the wrong hands. To protect your personal information, you may need an easier way to find your phone, and that would be by calling your phone with Yes, you can dial your phone to find it.


Different developers within the gaming industry have been developing games for mobile devices for many years; this isn’t set to slow down anytime soon. Individuals become very thrilled about the prospect of their favourite games being optimised for mobile play. Therefore, we can use technology to our advantage by engaging in the vast number of games available. As well as this, we can enjoy many different social platforms to engage in media content from people across the globe.


Whilst using our smartphones to stay entertained, they also serve as a fantastic platform to communicate with others. For example, online social media sites such as Facebook Messenger allow us to communicate with people from across the globe. This is especially useful for families and friends who stay in different parts of the world. Businesses also love taking advantage of the increasing number of services offering platforms for employees to communicate. This makes working from home a whole lot easier!


Most smartphones come with a built-in notes app that allows us to jot down notes whenever we need it. As well as this, there are also thousands of notes apps available to download from the different app stores. We can therefore use smartphones to our advantage as they can benefit our mental health in different ways. The notes apps or mood apps allow us to journal and note our feelings down. They essentially act as digital diaries that we can keep on us at all times and not worry about anyone reading our information.

What do you use your smartphone for?

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