In the modern, bustling digital world, it’s unlikely that you don’t use the internet for a large portion of the things you do every day. From your favorite streaming service or social media platform to the online grocery/takeout deliveries and programs you use at work, the internet is fully integrated into our lives. But much like everything else that’s positive in this world, there is typically a negative aspect to watch out for. In this case, the enemy is cybercrime, malware, and scams. One way to guard against these is through utilizing a combination of knowledge and common sense to protect yourself. The other is to install enhanced email security to stop problems at their source. The former is easy enough to accomplish with the proper research. Here are a few benefits of doing the latter:

Email Protection

Did you know that an incredibly significant number of scams are perpetrated (and largely accomplished) via email? Phishing scams, business email compromise (BEC), and financial scams. Phishing attempts can appear to be legitimate emails from trusted sources, friends, or family. They might offer free items, discounts, or coupons of some kind. These emails eventually convince users to click into dangerous links, which can either download malware or steal the data entered into the form. Financial scams occur in a similar fashion, but might involve a fake invoice and ask for social security numbers or financial details. In BEC, a scammer poses as a legitimate member of an organization—usually somebody at the top level. They’ll ask for passwords, sensitive or proprietary information, and find ways to dupe unsuspecting workers into providing access to their systems. Guarding against email scams is fairly straightforward. In addition to some vigilance on your part, you should consider using two-factor authentication, email security software, and data backups to ensure your data remains safe. Keep in mind that a good internet security software package should include some form of email protection.

Better PC Performance

Does your computer or device seem a bit sluggish at times? Does it seem like navigating search results and loading web pages takes much longer than it used to? A slow PC can be an indicator of an underlying issue on your machine. Malware likes to infect a system and work its way into as many files, folders, and programs as possible. From there, it likes to wreak havoc on programs and files. Deleting, moving or renaming files, hijacking settings, slowing down programs, and altering a program. It’s best to have a security program that can proactively fight against malware and just as readily eliminate it. Doing so should have minimal impact on your machine’s performance while allowing you to optimize its performance and remain protected from any significant cyber threats.

Real-time Protection

When you’re online, a threat or compromise could happen at any time. You may already have some security measures in place, but real-time protection provides another layer of security as you shop, play, socialize, and work online. Good security software uses around the clock real time protection to monitor your network for strange traffic and possible threats. It bolsters your defenses against malware, ransomware, scams, and privacy invasions without requiring you to manually scan for such issues. The practicality, convenience, and ease of use involved makes it worthwhile for your online defense protocols.

Enhanced Privacy

Many of us use social media as part of our daily routines. Whether it’s utilizing a platform like LinkedIn to connect with other professionals and share pertinent information about your work or checking out Facebook once in a while to connect with old friends, social media is likely here to stay. Maintaining privacy and security as you interact or share things on these platforms is essential. Using robust internet security software is a surefire way to guard against email and phishing scams, web threats, ransomware, dangerous downloads, and any website that could possibly threaten your data or privacy. With such measures in place, intelligent software can stop or alert users to potential privacy issues in seconds, giving you the chance to prevent a potential problem dead in its tracks.

Family Protection

Protecting yourself is one thing, but going the distance to safeguard your entire family is a surprising benefit offered by some of the better internet security options. Sometimes kids tend to get into inappropriate things online or may want to spend time watching videos instead of doing homework. Enter content filtering and time limits. These can be customized to suit your family’s needs. Content filtering itself can help keep your kids from accessing dangerous websites or unwittingly downloading malware from sites they’re visiting. While it’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all solution to preventing kids from accessing inappropriate content and dangerous sites, it’s a great deterrent that works quite well when integrated into a more comprehensive security solution.

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