If like me you don’t like keeping your data on an anonymous data center and prefer to keep it in a personal cloud instead, the SUPERNIGHT wifi smart plug could well be the answer. Why? You can turn it on and off remotely wherever you have access to the internet and add an extra layer of security to your data.

My personal cloud

I keep all my photos and data in one place on a mirrored 4TB hard drive. I used to keep it on all the time but sometimes when you are far away from home it helps to switch the system off for added security. Why? If it is off most of the time someone can’t hack it.

SUPERNIGHT smart plug and remote use

You can set up a schedule for lights / TV / radio to switch on and off while you’re away. This tells potential burglars that someone might be in and it would be unwise for them to break into your home. This isn’t a particularly new idea – you can buy mechanical timers to do the same thing for a lot less cash! You can however control all of the devices from one handy app and even via the Amazon Alexa smart home system – a step above the traditional mechanical timer.

The SUPERNIGHT  also has a night light that can soothe your little one in bed or provide a nice soft light to work or read with – a nice function.

The most important facet of the SUPERNIGHT  is that it is an Internet of Things (IoT) device. This means it has its ‘place’ on the internet and can be controlled at any time using your smartphone or web connected mobile device. Always security conscious I quickly realized that I could plug my personal cloud system into it.

While I don’t keep cryptocurrency myself, I am aware that the system could allow you to keep your coins in cold storage that is still accessible when you are away. Simply reach for the app, switch on the coin wallet drive and access your currency of choice for payments to be made or received. Then – click – switch the wallet off remotely, providing for an almost bombproof level of security.

I use this for personal, work and family data though. When travelling abroad I switch on my personal cloud once a day or so to upload photos from my travels. When a client wants work? I can ferret away at my keyboard and store the data remotely, safe against someone stealing my laptop while away.

What else could it be used for?

The uses are almost limitless! Perhaps on a cold day you like nothing better than a hot cup of tea when you get home? Tell it to boil the kettle when you’re 5 minutes from home! Left the cat at home and want your fur baby to have some company? Have it switch the TV or radio on! While my own use is quite complex, there are far simpler things that make life worthwhile. I’d strongly recommend you buy this amazing product!

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