Amazon Fire Stick


The Amazon Fire TV Stick is made to turn any TV into a smart TV, allowing you to stream services, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. This opens up a whole world of car TV shows such as The Grand Tour or Top Gear for them to watch. The Fire Stick has built-in Alexa voice recognition software, which means you can change the channel and search for films just by asking it. There’s also a remote that allows you to browse at your own leisure.


In-Car Coffee Machine From Handcoffee


If you’re buying for someone that loves their morning coffee almost as much as driving their car, then this is the present for them. Rather than stopping as Starbucks every morning, this coffee machine plugs in direct to your car’s cigarette lighter or equivalent socket and can brew a coffee while you’re on the move. It has a cup holder that fits one coffee in perfectly, and at around £100, you’ll have made your money back after a month’s worth of £3 coffee cups have been replaced.


ION Audio Mustang Stereo


This radio has been custom designed to look just like the radio from a classic 1965 Ford Mustang. This will bring back memories for anyone that loves classic muscle cars, as well as providing a modern listening experience. The radio has Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can use it as a speaker for your phone when connected wirelessly. The speakers are also good for its size and will easily fill a room with its 25-watt power.


Bluetooth Car Speakerphone From Jabra Drive


If you’re buying for someone that loves their older car that doesn’t have all of the modern gadgets, then this could be a great choice for them this Christmas. This little tool is designed to clip onto the sun visor in your car, which you can then connect to your phone. Once set up, the speakerphone will allow you to take calls hands-free as you simply take calls with a voice command when someone is trying to reach you. The location of the device means that sound quality is great for the people you’re speaking, and it can also be used to give you instructions from your GPS navigation through your phone, as long as you can hear them over your turbocharger


Every Stage Child Seat From Joie


If you’re buying for someone with a newborn or a child on the way, then a child seat for their car could be a good choice. The issue with most car seats is that they are expensive, and your child will grow out of them quickly, meaning you have to upgrade two to three times as they grow. This car seat from Joie is made to be used from when you have a newborn all the way up to 12 year’s old, making this a significant investment. The seat is well-made, built to last, and comfortable with well-made padding throughout.


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