If you have a small business in Los Angeles, you may be wondering what the next step would be as your calls begin to flood in more and more. Well, we’ve got that covered because we can give you some good advice. We’re going to give you the answering service guide to direct you to the best small business answering services in LA. Oh did we say services? Well, let’s talk about the primary top business that can give you the ultimate service above all others instead.

The Best?

Sure, there are numerous companies out there who offer unprecedented services, constant communication abilities, and the ability to be there for you to answer the phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even many of them have to take holidays. When it comes to Answering 365, they take this to a whole new level, and literally do offer their services for your small business 365 days a year. They offer bilingual services for the medical industry, as well as numerous other industries out there that are now a broad range of contractors, sole proprietors, and practices. Whether you’re a plumber, a website designer, or even a doctor, Answering365 can represent your company with excellent customer service.

What about HIPAA Laws?

Fully accredited with the BBB, and being completely HIPAA compliant, Answering365 has earned numerous rewards in the LA area for their professionalism, and customer service. They offer call answering services, messaging services, e-mail confirmation, and more. They have the ability to set appointments for people, as well as provide virtual receptionist services nationwide. They started out as a primarily medical answering service, and have grown to hundreds of clients that use them from all different companies. Not only this, but you can’t always answer the phones, you have to sleep sometime. Because of this, Answering365 can build a custom package for you aside from their basic packages that can fit your small business’ needs.

Emergency Dispatching

Something not talked about more is emergency dispatching of your clients, patients, or even yourself. When it comes to filtering out the unwanted calls, there are special time sensitive issues so they can get in touch with you for emergency purposes when needed. If the answering service gets an emergency call, you will be notified as well as 911 right away. What’s even better, their team members research your company well so the generated PAT responses they have don’t hinder them from sounding like they’re working right in your office. Because of this, many customers don’t even know they’re not talking to someone at your business location.


When you own a small business that’s growing with enormous speeds (or even if it isn’t growing too fast for you to handle), a small business answering service plan may just be what you need. You don’t need to be answering all of the soliciting calls, and default calls you get where all a customer or client needs is a basic question answered. However, this service is ten times more personable than just a regular automated chatbot approach, and people want to speak with other people when they call a phone number for a business.

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