I was looking for the most incredible omnidirectional Bluetooth portable speaker (try saying that 5 times fast!) on the marker and I am happy to report that I found the audioCube from Allocacoc.  Most speakers that hook up to your phone or computer are unidirectional, which means that the best place to listen to the sound is directly in front of the device. But with omnidirectional speakers the sound flows without any dead spots. An omnidirectional speaker in the best type of speaker for your home or office and the audioCube is one of the best available options on the market.


Okay, this is really, really cool.  The bass is amplified by a vibrating plane, which doubles as the power switch. What a great way to make efficient use of all available surface areas!  Overall, this speaker has smooth and deep bass, which rivals speakers of all shapes and sizes.

No external adapter required

The audioCube is easy to charge and move.  The integrated power circuit means that no bulky external power adapter is required.


The audioCube has large and clearly marked buttons that provide access to all basic controls, including pause/play, volume, skip back/forward, and scanning for Bluetooth pairing).  There is an integrated LED so you can easily see whether the product is on or off. You can even control it from a distance through the Bluetooth connection.

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