COVID 19 and lockdown have merely sabotaged 2020 for all of us. Yet, there is still time for us to bring back the happiness as these best gaming laptops of 2021 is something to rejoice about!

It might sound astounding to select the best gaming laptop of the lot, but, don’t worry! We will share the best gaming laptops that you must not shy away from purchasing before 2020 ends!

While purchasing a gaming laptop, it is very important that your primary focus should be on the performance. A laptop that lags might not be a very perfect choice for gaming.

One of the interesting things to note is that, you really would not like to have a laptop, which gets heated due to over usage.

So, this list of the top 3 gaming laptops might help you to get an edge over the rest and enjoy your gaming experience!


  1. Dell G5 15: If you are having a Dell laptop, you might like to sell Dell laptop and purchase this budget gaming laptop. With a respectable performance, Dell G5 15 comes along with a heavy exterior.

    Though there is nothing great to talk about in the design, the performance is pretty satisfactory. With an all AMD configuration, the performance of the gaming laptop is good, considering that the budget is under $1000.

    The 5600 GPU has shown a moderate performance, yet the CPU has shown considerably extensive performance. Though the GPU was believed to outperform the NVidia 2060, yet it has disappointed the users on this front.

    The best thing that might capture your attention is the display and the fluidity in the same. With 16 GB RAM, you can even upgrade the RAM, if required. If you are having the urge to enjoy some real gaming experience, yet not harm your pockets, grab it soon!


  1. Aorus 15G: With the slimmest mechanical keyboard and an excellent heat-releasing mechanism, it can be one of the best budget gaming laptops that you can have.

    The keyboard of the laptop is a mechanical one, yet it is one of the slimmest keyboards which is available. The keys are designed in a way, such that you can tap on them faster, with more agility.

    One thing, which is very annoying is the position of the camera. The camera is positioned just on top of the keyboard.

    This means, that unless you look into the keyboard, the other person might only be seeing your nose.

    The best thing is it can be switched off!

    With the 10th gen CPU and Intel’s Comet Lake Series, you need not worry about the power generation and handling capacity. With RTX 2070 Super Max-Q, it is nothing but a gamer’s dream in a laptop.

    With the chic features and an excellent collection of performance enhancers, you must not miss out on this laptop, if you are looking for a budget laptop. On the downside, the ergonomics have nothing to praise about them though!


  1. Asus ROG G 14: AMD has come back and it has come back with a bang. With Ryzen 4900 HS, the speed of the processor has increased due to its 8 core 16 thread processor. It has a sleek look which makes it one of the lightest laptops to be carried from one place to another.

    With 14 inch display, the gamers are not deprived of any sort of happiness when it comes to the pleasure of gaming.

    The battery consumed by the processor is lesser when compared to the previous versions. With the RAM of close to 24GB, there is no dearth of space for playing the favorite game.

    The only downside might be a hit on the pocket, but it’s worth the exciting features!


Conclusion: With the exciting features and the best prices, don’t need to think twice to buy the latest gaming laptops of 2021. Make sure you purchase the best to enjoy the most in 2021!

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