Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, numerous lockdowns have been imposed and people have been compelled to quarantine. In the beginning the idea of holidays from school and work-from-home seemed pretty exciting but with the passage of time, it has become rather difficult to be confined indoors with no physical interaction and activities. The news of people dying and businesses closing due to corona has painted a sad picture. The overall atmosphere is that of uncertainty and isolation.

In such sad times, it is owing to technology that people are able to keep themselves sane and have some kind of entertainment in their lives. It is the best time to Call Spectrum mobile phone number for packages and stream your favorite shows. But you need a lot more than that. So here are some innovative and interesting gadgets that’ll make your life worth living during quarantine.

  1. Home Theater Sound System

If you cannot physically go to cinemas to enjoy movies on the big screen, it does not mean you need to completely deprive yourself of the experience. Vizio 36” Dolby Atmos home theater system comes with wireless subwoofers that allow you to have a thrilling audio-visual experience at home. It has Chromecast support and is Bluetooth streaming enabled which means you can easily connect any device to it and play the movie of your choice.

  1. Home Workout System

Gyms are public places and it’s definitely not recommended to visit one during a pandemic. But this does not mean you spend your days lying on the couch indulging in unhealthy snacking. Consider investing in a home workout system. The EdgeCross home workout system is a good option in this regard. Its 10-minute exercise routine will help you build strength in ways you may have never imagined. It comes with a mat and all the instructions you need to get started with your workout.

  1. Smart Speakers

If you have been exposed to the virus and live with your friends or family, it can be quite difficult to communicate with them in different rooms. The Amazon Dot Echo smart speaker

is a small but powerful gadget that allows you to communicate easily and effectively through its speaker. Besides, it lets you access everything ranging from Spotify to news stories and from Amazon Music to weather reports. All you have to do is run a command. Also, the device can connect to other smart devices installed in your home, giving you full control over everything. With such features and capabilities, the Echo Dot is a reliable gadget that lets you communicate with your loved ones and also keeps you updated regarding the happenings in the outside world (without putting yourself at risk).

  1. Smartphone Sanitizer

The most frequently used gadget in today’s time is our cell phone. But during a pandemic you need to be extra careful about the things you touch and where you keep your cell phones. This is because most of these things/places would be contaminated. Hence all the germs, bacteria and viruses would be transmitted to your phone and eventually yourself. To prevent that from happening, use a smartphone sanitizer gadget such as PhoneSoap 3. This cleaning device surrounds your mobile with germicidal UV light which significantly decreases the chances of your contact with bacteria and viruses. Don’t worry if you have a big-sized cell phone as the gadget has ample space to fit any phone type/size. The best part is, it also charges your phone while sanitizing it.

  1. Dedicated Video-Chatting Device

Since people are unable to meet in person during the pandemic, they are spending an increased amount of time video chatting with their loved ones. To make your video chatting experience fun and interactive, get a dedicated video-chatting device such as the 8-inch Facebook Portal Mini.  It has better video quality, good sound as well as augmented reality effects. The person you want to chat with should have Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp installed on their tablet or smartphone. Facebook Portal can also be used to answer calls.

  1. Robot Vacuum

When you spend more time indoors, you’ll use more things and create more of a mess than usual (especially if you have kids). This calls for more cleaning than you were doing in pre-pandemic times. The constant cleaning would seem like a burden and make you exhausted quickly. This is why it’s best to invest in a smart robot vacuum like the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C. It is affordable and easy to operate. The vacuum has two magnetic boundary strips which can be used to keep it from making its way to sensitive areas. You can use the app to set schedules, initiate cleanings as well as check the battery. In case you don’t have your cell phone with you, the device can also be controlled through Google Home Assistant or Amazon Alexa.


Quarantine is difficult for all, especially the extroverts. The important thing is to keep a positive attitude and remind yourself that it’s temporary. By investing in the above-mentioned gadgets, you can make this phase fun, safe and normal to a great extent.

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