Today, mobile technology is pacing its ways towards success and this pace is not seeming to slow down. For a good majority of users, today mobile tools are becoming a necessity and the newest firsts they could experience.

Not just users, but ample software industries have experienced it as an enormous change in the way the designs of user experience vary.

The leading brands and products are making mobile fists for their businesses to plan desktop versions amalgamated and creating unique abilities over the mobile.

Several ventures have now begun to accept the truth that offering a great UX for mobile is crucial for the profitability of the businesses. For a long back time, all the software products were designed mainly focusing on the user’s perspectives, then translated to mobile devices, is a crucial approach that led mobile phones to feel superior and has a feeling of an afterthought and not a polished product.

Nowadays, with great advancements, more and more users are now looking forward to mobile apps first and mainly to full ordinary applications including the transfer of money, ordering take outs and whatnot. Both the B2C and B2B ventures have now begun to take advantage of the fact that users always carry their phones with them.

The companies that are product-led are making good strategies on the always-on mobile interface for creating exclusive and alluring apps and magnifying user experience that can’t be just duplicated on the desktops.

Hearing Out Some of the Best Examples of Mobile-First Web UX

Below mentioned almost all of the apps and tools offer a superb and aesthetic mobile experience that will make you feel that the desktop version is not worth it or irrelevant. There are innumerable companies today that have started to mark the mobile-first web UX more and more to get themselves a better chance and much higher profits.

With all these cutting-edge technologies, competitions, and user experiences many other software companies can also enter the market and mark their own journey into the mobile space.

  1. Nest’s Unified Home Automation Interface

People often believe that developing any mobile device first would imply a limit on the functionality, but that’s really not true. Yes, it is true that certain features like user onboard should offer some simple and easy-to-account exclusive restrictions that are seen as compatible with smaller devices. But, there are apps like Nest that have no restrictions or hold over the limits.

The nest app is quite prominent because it offers all the users the basic functionality that is required by them to manage and control the security and comfort all across the globe while sitting at home. It is generally much easier for accessing tons of features and functions over the mobile phone screen rather than making use of the dial interface on the thermostat itself.

Whenever you are trying to develop a mobile user experience, you should not just begin by thinking about certain features that can be removed from the desktop version, give it some time.

Instead of that, you should consider how you can be able to build the most important experience that is possible on mobile. When you are able to create a desktop version, then by the end you can see the benefit of certain features for scaling up.

  1. LT Browser

A very well-known testing tool and widely preferred by businesses across the globe, LT Browser is really effective in its functioning. Along with the LT Browser, you can have the ease to create your own personalized and traditional viewpoint and preserve it for some future uses.

With LT Browser you can work on the testing of your website and check the response it generates. The testing for the screen resolutions on many sizes of screens and many devices is offered with this fascinating testing tool.

If you are having or not having any amazing design, you can test the UX of your web pages across 50+ different devices using the LT browser. The platform provides parallel testing of mobile-view of web pages.

With 360-degree DevTools, it becomes significantly easier to debug the existed issues more interactively. It engages in packages to rectify issues on dissimilar resolutions that do not comply with the users’ expectations.

  1. Coinbase’s Responsive Push Notification Alarms

The much known and having nature of always-on for mobile devices and has opened the gates for new opportunities for making good interactions. The users are very much likely to give their time towards the incoming notifications or headings on their phones rather than on their desktops.

Coinbase has taken good advantage of many of the quick alerts with its very well-grounded mobile cryptocurrency trading app. takes advantage of these rapid alerts with its mobile cryptocurrency trading app. There are some people who had to face a loss of about 70% in just about 3 days.

Investors react very quickly to any such kind of change, and thus Coinbase has made the mobile app that targets and makes it easier to set the personalized prices alerts which can push any moment to the user’s mobile devices.

Many of these mobile-only notifications will ensure that the investors are not missing out on any opportunity or lowering the risk that is connected with the investment of cryptocurrencies and offering a much better and comforting experience for their users.

By making the use of mobile devices and their alluring abilities including always-on interaction for creating a better user experience cannot be found better on any desktop.

  1. Breather’s Short-Term Office Space Rental

Doesn’t matter if you are a remote worker, a freelancer, solar entrepreneur, you all need a kind of silent place where you can conduct meetings with ease without giving any commitment to a monthly or yearly coworking membership. Rather, they might just be traveling and only require a small space for some hours between the hotel and the airport.

Breather‘s mobile app has been much efficient in solving these types of problems by giving the users permission for both books and access to remote workspaces just from their smartphone.

Breather is segregating all its mobile apps into the complete user experience of its services, which allows the users to immediately book and make use of space in a matter of minutes.

When you design your service interface app for the mobile device, then with the enlargement of the functionality towards the desktop, you can offer a much unified and personalized experience for the users and it doesn’t matter where they are.

  1. Envision’s Instant Image Recognition

For many people majorly like impaired users, a good mobile device that can offer them a better user mobile and giving them independent life. The added feature of high-quality cameras and higher computing power in mobile devices have made several companies like Envision get better and improve various lives of blinds or people with low vision.

Envision‘s mobile app cleans out approximately the whole user interface while continuously offering them an exclusive user experience. The app is quick enough to instantly learn and understand the texts on the menus, signs, price tags, ads which makes it more like real-time audio.

The users can also provide guidance to tech the app in recognizing people and things and also understanding the contexts of any scene and providing the right information for any straightforward topic. In some kind of exclusive cases, if you eliminate the user interface completely, you turn up making a better mobile user experience.

  1. iflyA380’s Augmented Reality Immersion

Many aircraft manufacturers are customized only in the field of airlines, but now even they have started to look through the values in elongating their marketing strategies directly to their consumers. With the creation of mobile apps for helping the customers get the best of this journey, Airbus has been taking advantage of really startling abilities of mobile for making the UX experience satisfying and comfortable.

The iflyA380 app makes the use of exclusive functionalities available on mobile devices to offer a purely different experience for travelers on the A380 aircraft. The users can easily traverse the cabin in collective reality as they travel, understand the functions of the aircraft, have a virtual visit of the cockpit and the lounges, and also find the truck locations as they will pass by side of windows.

You must not forget that the user experience sometimes goes beyond the screen, thus the mobile apps provide a better opportunity to manage their user experience at almost every customer touchpoint.

In a Nutshell

By now you must have got a good idea of how our mobile devices are being better at making things easier for us. Many of the lines of difference between the mobile and the desktop are highly blurred. Users today expect an alluring UX across their particular devices, otherwise, they feel like what’s the point of having multiple versions of the same product?

One must begin everything by understanding the requirements of your users first. After this, you must ask yourself how actually a mobile experience will lend itself to solving or fulfilling these needs OR how will that solution traverse back into the desktop? How does all of this collectively work in creating a delightful, comfortable, or soothing UX that will help the users get everything at their tips?

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