Nowadays, everyone has a YouTube channel. From podcasters to vloggers and even gamers, YouTube is becoming increasingly popular.

But as YouTube becomes more and more popular, it can become more difficult for new YouTubers to stand out from the crowd. One excellent way to set your content apart from others is by making it look awesome. And lucky for you, there are a few simple things you can do to your videos to excel on YouTube.

These five simple tips will help you make videos that crush the competition and help you build your following.

1. Shoot and edit videos in the sRGB color space.

Color space is an important concept to understand for serious video shooters and editors. For shooters, it refers to the range of colors that the camera will capture. And for editors, it describes the range of colors that will be seen by viewers. But for YouTubers looking to bust out consistent content, getting into the weeds isn’t totally necessary. There is an ongoing debate among editors about color space. Mostly, it’s regarding the major color spaces of Adobe RGB vs sRGB. For most YouTubers though, sRGB is going to be just fine. Yes, Adobe RGB does include a wider range of colors. But keep in mind: the majority of online social media platforms (including YouTube) only display colors in essentially sRGB. Knowing this can help YouTubers save money when it comes to buying gear, since there’s not really any need to pay extra for Adobe RGB capable equipment.

2. Cut out the dead spaces.

As editing videos for YouTube becomes increasingly popular, its likely that easy editing techniques can help normal editors stand out. For YouTubers publishing videos of people talking, cutting out the dead spaces is an easy way to improve video quality. Make cuts in the video that keep the video moving quickly. This will help make your videos shorter and keep your viewer’s attention for longer!

3. Use Auphonic to help you master your audio.

Another trick for YouTubers looking to upload videos of people talking is to use Auphonic. Auphonic is a program that uses AI to master audio tracks. So, once your video is edited and ready to be published, take a second and go through this process. You’ll simply offload an audio version of your video, upload that to YouTube and Auphonic will create an audio track where the volume is completely level. This saves tons of time and is relatively inexpensive!

4. Do some color grading on your final video.

Making the colors in your video look nice is a great way to attract viewers and keep their attention. Sure, most people won’t really notice the work you’ve done here, but it does affect viewers on an even subconscious level. There are tons of color grading software you can find online that make this step easy. Some even utilize LUTs, which allow you to download or create a color filter that can be easily applied to any video you make.

5. Create custom thumbnail images.

When people are scrolling through YouTube to find what to watch next, the first thing they see is a video’s thumbnail. So, if your thumbnails look like garbage, people might decide to pass on your work. And that’s even if you did everything right in the editing process! Take the time to create custom thumbnails for all your videos and watch the views roll in.

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