Information security has proved itself to be the rising star of the information technology world. Many people are looking at this field with high hopes and big dreams. If you are also pursuing cyber security or information security as a career, or you’re already working in this field as an information security analyst, certified ethical hacker or CEH, network security engineer, incident handler or a computer forensics analyst, then you could use this article as a guide to achieve professional success and keep yourself from making the worst mistakes that could put an end to a career.

Note that the following rules are not hard and fast, but they represent what every cyber security professional should abide by with all their hearts during their careers. So read them, understand them and follow them to have a great and promising information security career or you can also join the Cybersecurity course online.

Integrity is everything

Rule number one is to never ever compromise on your integrity. As a cyber security professional, your integrity towards your work is everything that separates you from malicious criminals. If you are learning ethical hacking online, you will learn all the tricks and techniques to breach into systems, networks and databases. You will have access to the same tools that world-class hackers use to carry out cyber attacks and cyber crimes. You can either use this information to protect your clients or to harm them. At the end of the day, your integrity at work defines your value as an information security expert. If you become an ethical hacker, you will also have to sign a waiver stating that you will use your services ethically throughout your career. So, never put your career in a compromising position for short-term gains.

Stay on top, always

The second rule is to always update yourself with the current information. As an information security professional, your job will be to protect the technological world that advances and progresses every single day. If you don’t stay on top of the latest digital threats and vulnerabilities, then you will be as useless as yesterday’s newspaper.

Don’t forget the future

The third rule is to always plan for the future when strengthening the security status of your client or organization. A cyber security expert needs the foresight to identify potential threats and eliminate them before they strike. Your work will be similar to the work of a doctor, a soldier or even that of a detective. Your client’s health and safety will be your top concern and it is your job to make sure that they are not just protected in the present but are also secured for the foreseeable future.

Be swift in action

The fifth rule is to always act quickly. In the security business, time is of the highest essence. If you fail to act at the right time, then you could become one of the reasons for a cyber security disaster. Make it a habit to be quick on your feet and take decisions quickly to defuse the ticking time bombs that are strewn everywhere in our cyber world. When employers look for cyber security staff, they want to make sure that the candidates don’t just have the necessary technical skills, but that they also are creative problem solvers, fast thinkers, organized individuals, analytical thinkers and action-oriented individuals.

These are all the rules for now. Try to make your own rules that you can apply to your unique style of work. You can use your past experiences to write certain dos and don’ts for yourself and use that information to navigate your career in the direction of success. If you found this information useful, don’t shy away from sharing it with your colleagues, friends and fellow batchmates (just like sharing city beauty).

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