If you’re one of the world’s many fans of disposable vapes, you’re probably well aware of the one issue that all disposable e-cigarettes have: They can become expensive quickly if they’re your primary vaping devices. While it’s true that factory-style automation has helped disposable vapes become much less expensive than they were in the past, the conventional wisdom remains that you’ll always spend less on vaping if you use a device that’s rechargeable and refillable.

As you’re about to learn though, the conventional wisdom on disposable vapes no longer applies to the extent that it once did. In fact, vaping manufacturers around the world have been working hard over the past couple of years to attack the problem from both directions by building longer-lasting disposable vapes and by reducing the cost of producing those devices – which ultimately lowers the retail price. Today, you can expect a disposable vape to cost less – and to last longer – than ever before, and that has blurred the line between disposable and rechargeable vapes to such an extent that you can really buy a vaping device based on your own preferences rather than how much the device costs.

So, what’s the longest-lasting disposable vape in 2022? These are the things that manufacturers and vape shops are doing to keep you vaping longer and spending less on disposable electronic cigarettes.

Fully Automated Production

One of the biggest things that the manufacturers have done to make disposable vapes less expensive is switching from manual production to fully automated factory production. While the circuit boards and batteries for disposable vapes have always been manufactured by outside factories, the final assembly was still done by hand until recently. Human assemblers connected the atomizer coils to the batteries, wrapped wicks around the coils and saturated the wicks with e-liquid – all by hand – before assembling the devices into their final consumer-ready forms.

Hand assembly was obviously a fairly expensive proposition, and that had the effect of limiting flavor selection. Until fairly recently, most brands of disposable vapes were only available in tobacco and menthol because there was no economical way to offer a wider array of flavors. Automating the production process allows for a much bigger selection of disposable vapes and has greatly reduced the wholesale prices that the manufacturers charge to distributors and retailers.

Bigger Batteries and More E-Liquid Storage

The most important thing that manufacturers have done to make their disposable vapes more affordable is designing devices that last much longer than the disposable e-cigarettes of the past. The original disposable vapes were small cigarette-shaped devices that held very little e-liquid and didn’t offer much in the way of battery life. They didn’t last longer than a day at the absolute most. The new generation of “vape bar” devices have much larger battery cells and easily last all day.

Some manufacturers, however, have gone even further than that by creating a new generation of disposable vapes with much larger batteries than those featured in the vape bar-styled devices. Air Bar Max vapes are a perfect example of this trend. Shaped more like a full-sized vape pen than a traditional disposable e-cigarette, the Air Bar Max has a built-in 1,250 mAh battery and holds 6 ml of high-strength nicotine salt e-liquid to provide up to 2,000 puffs of vaping time. That’s roughly the equivalent of an entire carton of tobacco cigarettes and should easily last most vapers a week or more. Despite the incredible amount of vaping time, the Air Bar Max is still no less pocketable than any vape pen.

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Rechargeable Batteries

For those who want longer-lasting disposable vapes but don’t want to carry larger devices, there is an alternative that many vapers may find attractive. Recently, some manufacturers have begun to outfit their disposable vapes with rechargeable batteries and substantial volumes of e-liquid. Using a slightly smaller – but rechargeable – battery cell makes it possible to create a disposable vape that offers about as many puffs as a carton of cigarettes while still being barely larger than a traditional disposable vape bar. When the battery dies, you’ll recharge it and continue using the device until it runs out of vape juice.

Using a rechargeable disposable vape does have one potential downside, though, in that using one is one step away from simply buying a full-fledged rechargeable and refillable vape pen. Some of the people who might consider buying a rechargeable disposable vape may ultimately opt for a traditional vape pen instead. Others would rather buy the longest-lasting single-use disposable vapes possible, even if that means having a slightly larger device. If you’re in the market for high-quality vape products, consider exploring options at vapovapes online vape shop.

Higher-Strength E-Liquids

One of the biggest reasons why today’s disposable vapes last so much longer than the ones of the past is because the e-liquid that they use is significantly higher in nicotine. That’s due to the development of nicotine salt vape juice, which has the ability to reach much higher strengths than traditional freebase nicotine e-liquid without causing throat irritation. With freebase nicotine e-liquid, the maximum nicotine strength that a disposable vape can reach is approximately 18-22 mg/ml before the device becomes unpleasant to use. Thanks to nicotine salt, however, the average nicotine strength of a modern disposable vape is now around 50 mg/ml.

The more nicotine you get per puff, the more satisfying your vaping experience will be – and thanks to nicotine salt, disposable vapes are now as satisfying as conventional cigarettes. People don’t need to use today’s disposable vapes as much as they did with the devices of the past, and that allows modern disposable vapes to last substantially longer.

Lower Retail Costs

The final reason why today’s disposable vapes cost so much less than the devices of the past is because their retail prices are simply lower – and for that, you can thank the retailers as much as you can the manufacturers. No matter how long-lasting today’s disposable vapes have become, they’re still products that consumers tend to buy in heavy volumes. They’re so much less expensive than combustible cigarettes that there’s really no reason not to buy them in bulk when you stock up on vape gear. Retailers have noticed that trend, and many of them have shaved their profit margins on disposable e-cigarettes as closely as possible to encourage repeat business.

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