The past few years have seen cannabis undergo a massive revolution, the substance has become legal in many countries for both medical and recreational use. Things are moving fast and the number of cannabis users is growing even faster, but despite the massive popularity of cannabis and the related accessories such as glass pipes, there are still people who have never had the chance to try cannabis or even wanted to. Are you one of these people? Are you slowly rethinking and dead set on experiencing cannabis soon? If you answered yes to these questions, here are a few things that you need to know about the false assumptions about marijuana.

If it is legal, more people will use it

There is a common misconception that with the spread of legalization, more people will use marijuana and this is simply untrue. There is no recorded evidence to support the claim that legalization has increased marijuana use amongst people in society. In areas where marijuana is legal, it is still only used by a small minority of individuals and research has actually proven that most young adults and adults don’t use marijuana regularly. This is largely due to the perception about marijuana that still lingers amongst most people, with the majority of young people believing that marijuana use is not a good idea while you are young. If you compare marijuana use to alcohol use, which is also legal, you will find that there are far more alcohol consumers in society. Overall, legalization doesn’t contribute to how much marijuana a user will consume but rather their genetics will determine if they will use a substance less or more.

Marijuana can cure cancer

There is no evidence to prove that marijuana cures cancer however it does help with the symptoms. Most cancer patients choose to undergo chemotherapy as part of their treatment and unfortunately, chemotherapy produces some nasty side effects such as pain, inflammation, fatigue, appetite loss, and nausea. For patients who do not want to use pharmaceuticals to resolve these symptoms, they can opt for marijuana, CBD to be exact. CBD is one of marijuana’s main active ingredients that does not alter the mind and make the user high, however, it does have many medical benefits and when cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy consume CBD, they experience pain relief, better sleep, increased appetite, and no nausea.

Marijuana itself gets you high

Everybody assumes that marijuana is mind-altering but that is not entirely true. There are 2 components to marijuana, THC, and CBD and the component that makes you high is THC. CBD, on the other hand, does not induce any psychoactive effects but it does have many health benefits and is commonly used for medical marijuana and treating many symptoms such as pain, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and insomnia. When consuming THC, the amount consumed is also an important factor because although it only takes a small amount of THC to make the user high, the more you consume, the more potent your high will become.

Marijuana will make you do heavy drugs

The final marijuana myth that is going to be partially debunked is that marijuana use leads to the use of heavy drugs. The reason I use the word partially is that it is true to a certain extent – you will find some individuals who will try marijuana and then consume other drugs but this is all relative, after all – some people will drink a beer and then graduate to a whisky at a much later stage. Marijuana is no more of a gateway drug than cigarettes and alcohol.

Marijuana has only recently been legalized and for the longest time, this plant has built up a pretty bad reputation with people in society labeling it and creating all sorts of negative perceptions and stigmas. As marijuana becomes more accepted in society, it is important to understand the facts about this misunderstood herb. Firstly, legalization hasn’t increased the use of marijuana, secondly, marijuana also is not a cure for cancer, however, the substance can be used to treat the symptoms. Thirdly, there are 2 components to marijuana and only one of those components gets you high and lastly, marijuana is not a gateway drug.

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