Quality, long-lasting pocket sized digital scales can be hard to come by, especially when users are looking for a premium option.

King Palm is a highly rated premium online smoke shop offering top-shelf cannabis smoking accessories for any occasion.  Released in 2020, it’s already a top-rated luxury gold-plated digital pocket scale, and perfect for travelers or at-home consumers. This digital pocket scale is ideal for those living in states without dispensaries to help them get the most value for their money by knowing they’re getting what they paid.

This article today looks at the exciting features of this classy cannabis scale, the pros and cons, and other must-have cannabis accessories to balance out a smoker’s toolbox.

Do Cannabis Consumers Need A Scale For Weed?

Regardless of location, whether it’s a legal state or not, digital scales are an essential tool for new and experienced cannabis consumers to maximize their ability to control their portions.

Portion control is critical during all stages of the cannabis smoking experience, beginning with buying the precise amount paid for, measuring the exact quantity to get a perfect blunt, cooking with cannabis, and much more.  How to understand: Moreover, you need to the types of herbs that contain CBD, like marijuana, kratom, and others. For example, for green kratom capsules, the ideal dosage is 2-5 grams at a time. See more about kratom capsules. The dosage influences the effect. If you take a larger dose, it may cause unexpected consequences. Therefore, users need to clearly know the dosages in different substances and varieties that they take.

Some cannabis consumers require a much more precise dosage and need a reliable, high-quality digital scale that consistently provides them with accurate weight data year after year.

While there are many cheap digital scales available to get a cannabis smoker started, for users serious about upping their cannabis consumption game, it’s recommended to begin with the best cannabis scale for a more dependable and consistent experience.

What Digital Pocket Scale Is Best For Weighing Weed

Due to its high-level accuracy, users can measure out amounts of as little as 0.01 grams and up to 100 grams for maximum usability in many situations requiring large or small weights.

This weed scale has a convenient blue-lit LCD backlight to help users weigh their cannabis in low-lighting situations.

Users enjoy the small digital pocket scale because it doesn’t take up much space and is reliable for identifying the weight of cannabis.

Simply pop in 2 AAA batteries, and users are ready to start measuring in grams, ounces, troy ounces, carats, pennyweight, or grains.

While most users will typically only use grams and ounce measurements, the added options are available to suit the needs of many audiences looking for precise measurements in different metrics.

Where To Buy A Scale For Weed?

The best place to buy a gold-plated digital scale from King Palm is their online smoke shop that ships directly to the buyer’s front door.

Buying weed scales from a quality source allows users to have peace of mind by knowing they’re getting a brand-new model from premium, top-grade materials.

After receiving the digital scale, users can easily find a handy in-depth manual that teaches them how to properly operate all the unique features they want to know about.

When buying directly from the top-shelf vendor, users can ensure they’re receiving an accurate working model that gives users precise measuring information every time they need to use it.

Learn About Cannabis Weights

Those new to cannabis and weed scales may feel like all this new measurement terminology is a little overwhelming. Advanced users are finding they only use a handful of weight measurements when using their cannabis scale.

The most common weight sizes of cannabis users frequently buy and sell include.

  • Gram (smallest standard measurement)
  • Eighth (of an ounce = 3.5 grams)
  • Quarter (of an ounce = 7 grams)
  • Half an ounce (14 grams)
  • Ounce (largest common buy/sell size = 28 grams)

While these are common measurements, this gold-plated weed scale allows users to weigh up to 100 grams or approximately 3.5 ounces. For this scale, that’s quite a bit of weed!

Even though users can technically buy in measurement units larger than an ounce, such as pounds, most users won’t typically deal in this bulk amount.

Since this portable digital pocket scale does not have a huge surface area, the most common method to weight a lot of cannabis is by using an plastic cup to hold it. 

To use an empty cup with the scale, all users have to do is zero out the scale with the cup and add weed to the empty cup for a contained measurement.

This digital weed scale will have a useful Zero Tare (Z/T) button that will set the scale to zero.

To use the Z/T button, simply place an “empty” cup on the scale and press the Z/T button.

After pushing this button, the plastic cup will show that it weighs zero.

Once the scale reads zero, with a plastic cup on the scale, users are then able to add their bud to get an accurate measurement of their cannabis.

Other Weed Accessories For Sale

Now that users are squared away with the best weed scale available on the market, their smoking toolbox may need a few additional items to help them facilitate a more smooth, clean, and enjoyable smoke session.

This online smoke shop also has a massive selection of other cannabis smoking accessories available for sale.

Most users new to a large collection of weed smoking accessories tend to start by exploring the different flavors and paper types of their pre-roll cones.

Users can enjoy discovering dozens of exclusive pre-rolled cone flavors, or try their new hemp or rose petal cones to enhance the smoothness of their smoking experience.

Dry Herb Grinders

In addition to pre-rolled cones, there is also an exciting selection of weed grinders for sale. Their most popular current options are their standard three-chamber metal weed grinder and their limited edition Mars Collection grinder designs featuring outer space, aliens, and hot boxing a UFO. An additional popular weed grinder option is their extra large size edition.

While this online head shop has just about any smoking accessory a smoker could need, users trend to gravitate towards their fun rolling trays.

Affordable rolling trays include numerous designs including the Mad Scientist, Metal Trays, Last Prisoner Project 6 pack trays, Light Up Glow tray, and many more.

Image Source: https://kingpalm.com/ (with permission)

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