One problem to keep in mind when thinking about starting a marijuana crop is pests. No matter if it is an outdoor crop or an indoor crop, they harm and damage them.

For this reason, it is good to be well informed and lose the fear to fight with these misfortunes that could appear. In the following post, I will tell you some things about how to fight them and avoid them.

When does prevention start?

Professional plantations that sell products to Cannabis clubs for tourists would state that you should start preventing from the moment you think about starting a crop.

Before the moment of planting, look at aspects such as how wet or dry the soil is, whether the temperature is high or low in the place where you will do it and what pest control methods are best to use. For example, for cannabis, a humidity of 65-80% would be ideal.

For outdoor planting:

To grow outdoors remember to keep in mind that you must choose the right season where temperatures do not vary so much, you must look at the quality of the soil (if possible, start your plantation indoors and allow it to grow for at least two weeks) and constantly check the care you should give it according to the climate you manage.

Now, to prevent pests remember:

Try to plant them in a sunny, open, and ventilated place (if the sun is too strong, you can cover them with a mesh to control the temperature and humidity).

  •         Keep a good distance between plants. Also, keep them away from other plants that may attract pests.
  •         Keep the area clean: remove dead or decaying plants frequently.

To plant indoors:

If you want to plant indoors, the process can be a bit more tedious, but it can be worth it as it can be better controlled. Find a grow space that is large and airy, make sure you have good lighting with grow lights, purchase pots, and start planting.

For pest prevention:

  •         Keep your trays clean and sanitary.
  •         Remove lower branches from plants to keep them aerated.
  •         Use air conditioning or an air filter to maintain an optimal temperature.
  •         Maintain a proper watering routine to keep plants from drying out and weakening.

Some products that may help

To stimulate root growth, making them use more water and nutrients from the soil, you can use soluble Mycoprot, an organic product composed of a mixture of Glomus intraradices mycorrhiza spores, and micronized clay.

To prevent powdery mildew, use Oidioprot. This consists of a mixture of nutrients that help the growth of microflora.

To prevent pests such as fungi, use Copperprot. It helps with root development and is completely biodegradable.

To fight soil and conductive tissue diseases, use Antioxprot. It is also completely biodegradable and is certified for use in organic farming.

Remember to check how, to what extent, and how often to apply these products depending on the characteristics of your crop.

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