Are you a vaper? If it’s been a long time since you quit smoking and made the jump to vaping, there’s a good chance that you haven’t used a smaller vaping device like a vape pen in quite some time – maybe several years. It’s very typical for long-term vapers to have no interest whatsoever in anything other than full-sized vape mods.

What you may not know, though, is that the technology behind vape pens has changed a great deal in the past year or two. If you’ve been vaping long enough, you probably remember a time when vape pens were some of the cheapest vaping devices on the market. They came in blister packs, and they usually cost less than $15.00 at gas stations. A vape pen was the thing that you bought when you were ready to upgrade from your first cigalike, but it wasn’t the type of device that you’d use for years. You’d use it until the battery stopped holding a charge, and then you’d step up to a full-sized vape mod.

Today’s vape pens, however, are nothing like the blister-packed disposable products of the past. There are plenty of good reasons, in fact, to buy a vape pen like the SMOK Vape Pen V2 even if doing so would mean “downgrading” from a larger mod. While it’s true that switching to a smaller vaping device will mean that you’ll sacrifice a little battery life, you’ll gain so much that you probably won’t care.

Here’s what’s new in vape pen technology in 2021.

All-in-One Devices Are All the Rage

The overall theme driving the development of vape pens these days is the desire to get better and better performance out of devices that are smaller and more portable. One way to accomplish the goal of getting better performance out of a smaller vaping device is by making the device more efficient, and we’ll be discussing that shortly. Another way, though, is by eliminating unnecessary components – and that’s exactly what an all-in-one vape pen does. See your vapor supply specialist for recommendations.

When you think about the vaping hardware that you currently use, are you the type of person who buys every new vape tank that comes out, or would you rather stick with a single tank that offers a perfectly optimized vaping experience? If you fall into the second group, you’ll probably love using an all-in-one (AIO) vape pen. An AIO vape pen doesn’t have threading that connects the tank to the device. Instead, the tank is a permanent part of the device. Since the device is optimized to provide a perfect experience with just one type of vape coil, there’s no need for the device to have unnecessary features like adjustable wattage – it’s optimized to provide a perfect experience out of the box with the coil you’re already using.

The best part of using an AIO vape pen, though, is that eliminating the threading at the top of the device makes it possible to create a vape pen that’s significantly smaller and more pocketable without sacrificing battery life or performance. You’ll be amazed by how powerful today’s vape pens are even though they’re tinier than ever.

Mesh Coils Offer Great Performance at Low Wattages

From a performance standpoint, the greatest technological development in today’s vape pens is the advent of the mesh atomizer coil. In the past, you really needed to have a full-sized vape mod if you wanted a device capable of delivering great flavors and enormous clouds. That’s because the cloud chasing coils of the past used so much metal that they simply couldn’t operate efficiently at low wattages. If you had an atomizer coil with 8-12 individual heating wires inside it, you’d have no chance of enjoying big clouds with a smaller vaping device because you’d need a device capable of operating at over 100 watts.

A mesh coil replaces all of those bulky heating wires with a thin strip – or sometimes a few strips – of metal mesh. The heating surface is spread out over a much wider area, allowing mesh coils to produce enormous clouds with bold, vivid flavors. The most important thing, though, is that a mesh coil has much lower mass than a traditional cloud chasing coil. With less metal to heat, a mesh coil can operate efficiently at much lower wattages and works just as well with a single-battery vape pen as it does with a dual-battery vape mod. With a mesh coil, you can switch from a full-sized mod to a tiny vape pen with no difference at all in performance.

Today’s Vape Pens Are More Stylish and Durable Than Ever

The final bit of technology that’s made today’s vape pens so much better than the vape pens of the past isn’t actually something that’s inside the device. Rather, it’s what’s on the outside – and the exteriors of today’s vape pens are nothing like the simple and bland designs of the past.

The first thing you’ll notice when you shop for a vape pen today is that there are infinitely more color options available today than there once were. In the past, you’d be lucky if you could find a vape pen in any color other than black and silver. Today, you’ve got a rainbow of colors to choose from – and if you look a bit more closely, you’ll see that modern vape pens offer more than just a wide variety of color options. With some vape pens, you’ll also enjoy luxury trim options like leather and abalone shell. Today’s vape pens are even affordable enough that you can purchase units in several different colors if you like. Use a different one each day to suit your personal style – it’s up to you.

Modern vape pen design isn’t just a matter of coming out with a sufficient variety of colors to please the masses, although that’s certainly part of it. Companies have also made great breakthroughs in terms of making their vape pens more durable. If you’ve ever been disappointed by a vaping device’s longevity in the past, the durability of modern vape pens is going to feel like a breath of fresh air to you. These days, it’s not uncommon to find IP67-certified vape pens that are almost completely resistant to dust and water. If you want a vaping device that you can use for years, a new vape pen might turn out to be the perfect choice.

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