Kratom (also known as Mitragyna speciosa Korth) is an evergreen tree. It belongs to the coffee family (Rubiaceae), native to the Southeast Asian region, and is mainly cultivated in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Kratom is in high demand among its users because it has a wide range of medicinal and recreational properties.

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If you want to know about Kratom, how to use it, where to buy it from, and the best way to store your Kratom, here is the information.

How to Buy Kratom?

  • Check The Price

Before buying anything, check the price. You cannot always tell, but sometimes there is a significant difference in the price of Kratom, so if you find something that is priced at half as much as another product, it may be time to buy.

  • Do Not Be Fooled by Low Prices

While sometimes a great deal is excellent, do not get sucked into buying Kratom because it is cheap. You normally get what you pay for, and if you are not careful with who you buy from, then there is no guarantee your Kratom will even give the desired effects, or that is even the correct Kratom.

  • Do Not Buy from a Source You Have Never Heard Of

It is excellent advice for anything online. If there is no solid reputation of that site, then do not buy from them because most likely they are selling low-quality or a fake product. There are many examples of people creating websites to sell fake Kratom or have it take a long time to ship, so you never get the product.


  • Check Seller’s Feedback/Testimonials

If a website like Kratom Kilos has some history, they will have feedback from their buyers. The feedback will allow you to see how long they’ve been in business if they are trustworthy, and their overall reputation within the kratom community. Also, check out their testimonials because it is even better when a website gets a bunch of positive feedback from real customers.

  • Buy in Bulk

The best method to get the most for your money is buying Kratom in bulk. You can usually save a lot of money when you buy more products at once, and if you store them nicely, they will last a long time without losing potency more than below under storage tips.

  • Know Your Kratom

It is best to have general knowledge of the different types of Kratom before placing an order. This way, if it is your first time using Kratom, you will know which type to use and how much you want to take. Know what you want and how much you can handle it so when it arrives at your doorstep, you’ll be ready to go.

What are the Tips to Consume Kratom?

Before using this plant, check out this list of things you need to know before using Kratom.

  • Dosages

It is probably the essential tip in regards to using Kratom. It is not something where more is better because it can have adverse effects on your body if you take too much. Follow recommended dosages on the package or on any Kratom websites you may use to get an idea of how much is right for you.

  • Onset Time May Vary

Kratom affects people differently. There is no standard timespan when it will start kicking in, so keep that in mind before taking more product if you do not feel it coming on. The onset time can vary from as short as 5 minutes to around 30, so it is essential to be aware of this before using.

  • Take Care When Reaching Your Limit

Just because you used Kratom once and did not have a problem before it does not mean it will have the same results for your next session. It just means that your body has become used to it, and typically the effects will be more potent and last longer, that is if you do not take more product. Just like anything else, using Kratom too much (or at all) can cause adverse side effects, so make sure you know what is going on after taking Kratom.


 If you get the chance, buy Kratom in capsule form because it will last a long time without losing potency, especially if you keep them out of direct sunlight and do not take them every day. However, if you are using loose leaf powder, maintain proper storage not to lose its potency and smell, affecting the strength.

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