There’s a massive movement around the world to prevent the production and use of plastic, especially the ones that are only useful once. Over the years, data reveals that it’s one of the biggest causes of pollution. It’s also a huge contributor to climate change.

Production takes a lot of energy

In producing single-use plastic, there’s too much energy used. The worst part is that we spend too much energy on something that we will eventually throw away after one use.

Plastic doesn’t decompose 

After throwing plastic away, it goes to the landfills and stays there. Even after decades, the plastic you threw away stays there. It might look a bit different, but it never decays. It means that the landfills are quickly filling up because of plastics that don’t decompose.

They clog the canals 

Sometimes, it’s not just nature and the strength of storms that devastates communities. It’s also the floods that follow after. The reason why floods can reach up to a certain height is that canals get clogged. The primary reason behind it is the plastic that we threw away. It won’t go anywhere because it doesn’t decompose. Instead, it stays wherever it gets disposed of. When the rain comes, the plastic goes back inland due to the flood and canals get clogged.

They kill marine animals

You might already have seen a lot of videos where marine animals end up getting suffocated or are dead because of plastic. For some of them, the plastic looks like their regular food. They end up ingesting plastic and die. It also affects small marine animals getting caught in plastic. They can’t breathe and eventually die.

It’s difficult to recycle it

Some people will tell you that you need to recycle single-use plastic. The reason why the term is single-use is that it starts to disintegrate and become useless after several uses. Therefore, even if you recycle, it won’t be enough. Eventually, you will throw the plastic away since it has no purpose anymore. It’s even worse in some cases since the plastic has a shape that can only accommodate the original item placed inside. There’s no way you can recycle it for other purposes.

You have to avoid plastic

You can’t support the use of plastic. It’s important for you to avoid using it altogether. Be cautious in buying items that use plastic as a container. However, if you already bought the item, you just have to place it in a separate bin so you can think of ways to recycle it later. It also helps to partner with Evergreen Junk Removal in Dallas since they know what to do with the items collected. They can find a way to recycle these items since they also understand that the landfills are beyond capacity.

When producers of single-use plastic realize that people no longer patronize them, and the alternatives start to become popular, the production will stop. Hopefully, that time comes in the near future before it’s too late.

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