Melbourne is not a hot spot for cheating spouses, but it is among the top 20 unfaithful cities in Australia, even during the lockdown. This is according to Ashley Madison, a dating site for married couples that is being visited by 17,000 new members every day.

If you live anywhere in Melbourne and suspect that your partner is having an affair, you should consider hiring the best private investigator Melbourne has on offer. Learning the truth will give you peace of mind and help you take the first step to healing.

Do you want to find out what your teenage kid is up to? Is a family member or close friend missing? A good private investigator can also help you out in these and other similar situations. But how do you know if an investigator is good or not? Below are the traits that you must look for when choosing a private investigator.


If you need the services of a private investigator, you are most likely dealing with a very sensitive and personal matter. The thought of letting the investigator in on some of its most intimate details can be upsetting. You do not want the investigator to share this information with other clients or even colleagues.

To make sure that this does not happen, you must hire a skillfully discrete private investigator. While you may need to know some details about previous cases to assess the PI’s skills, he or she must be able to supply this information without mentioning names and other incriminating details. The investigator must strike the perfect balance between being too reticent and blabbing.

Private investigators are not accountable to confidentiality agreements the way lawyers or physicians are. Still, they must have a clear policy on how to maintain client confidentiality.

Probing Skills

Information is at the core of a successful investigation, and a skilled investigator knows how to probe and get it from people. This is what you can expect from the best private investigator, Melbourne has on offer.

When asking questions, good investigators can make it feel like you are just chatting and not being interrogated. They know when to shut up and listen and when to ask open-ended questions. They can also tell a lot about a person’s body language and know how to respond to them to get the information needed. Effective investigators can see things that regular people could not.

Objective Thinking

During the course of an investigation, a PI will be faced with many choices and various possibilities. Its success would depend largely on how the investigator responds to the situation.

As professionals, investigators must not let their emotions interfere with their decision-making process under any circumstance. They must let the evidence guide them and proceed based on the information at hand. This is the best path to the truth, which is what the client is looking for.

Research Skills

Information is everywhere to those who know how to look. This is especially true in today’s digital age. Unfaithful partners now have the benefit of the internet to do what they do. Teenagers have their own world in social media that most of their parents do not know about. In today’s modern world, there is a wealth of information available through digital technology, and it can be easily accessed by the best private investigator in Melbourne. What is more, skilled investigators in the city also have the tenacity to go through piles of government documents, business reports, and other forms of paper trail.

Surveillance Capabilities

A skilled private investigator must have the patience and the skill to make key observations that could prove useful to the case. He or she must be able to follow someone without being noticed and know what subtle changes in behavior mean. They must have patience for surveillance, which typically takes a lot of time.

Aside from having a great instinct and lots of patience, an investigator must know how to leverage technology for surveillance. This includes using audio equipment, signal tracking, signal interception, video cameras, still cameras, and even computers. The combination of these hard and soft skills makes for an effective private investigator.

Communication Skills

Private investigators must gather information, but this is only half of the equation. They must also be able to pass it on to their clients effectively and in a timely manner. To do this, they must have great communication skills. They must be able to relay the facts while being tactful and respectful of their client’s emotions.

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