While smoking itself is not too great for the lungs, weed does have its many health benefits. In fact, you don’t even need to smoke weed anymore as it comes in many different forms. Edibles, drinks, and incense are just some of the options, and since you can now Buy Weed Online In Canada, you won’t be spoiled for choice.

Coming back to the health benefits, you’ve read article after article elaborating them, discussing how it helps anxiety and alleviates depression. Today, we’ll be discussing benefits that are more of an extension of the existing benefits or they have been recently discovered and are still being explored, but there is promise nonetheless.


Alzheimer’s is a life-altering illness, not just for the patient but also for the family. While affectees have accepted that a cure is not anywhere in the near future, people still look to at least be able to manage the illness and slow down its progression if nothing else.

Luckily, recent studies have shown that weed, or cannabis, has an effect on slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists saw that endocannabinoids, compounds contained in cannabis, have an anti-inflammatory effect, which fights brain inflammation linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

While it may not be a cure to a disease that affects millions of families around the world, it can go a long way in slowing the progression. Also, due to its calming effects, it also helps in management of the disease when the psychological symptoms get stronger.


Parkinson’s is another vicious disease that has life-altering impacts on both the patient and their family. Along with degeneration in the brain, a person also loses motor functions and experiences severe tremors in the hand. Again, while not a cure, cannabis has helped in managing the illness to a great degree.

Cannabis has an effect on the motor functions of a person. There is a reason you feel slightly heavy and lethargic after smoking certain strains of weed. This same effect benefits patients of Parkinson’s syndrome by controlling their tremors. The lethargy in a normal person would translate to relaxation in tremors for a Parkinson’s patient.

Also, as an anti-inflammatory, the progression of the disease will also be slowed and the effect on the mood of the patient will also be much help in helping the patient deal with their illness.


There are many recovery centers that use cannabis to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism. The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol include irritability, nausea, sweating, insomnia, increased heartbeat, and even body tremors. Alcoholics also tend to fall into a state of depression and anxiety after they have gone through their withdrawal period.

Cannabis is known to be effective in helping to alleviate such symptoms. Different strains of cannabis are effectively able to curb these symptoms, making the recovery process much easier for an alcoholic.

While it might be controversial to add one potentially addictive substance in place of another, the dosages are controlled and there is constant monitoring to ensure there is no risk of dependence. Many different rehab centers have taken this approach and have found considerable success.

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