Termed as an orthodox version of Valentine’s Day, the July 8 holiday celebrated in Russia is all about love, family, and fidelity. The tradition is relatively new as it was only introduced in 2008 and is not very well-known in other parts of the globe.

This celebration is called the Day of Saint Peter and Saint Fevronia who are well-known patrons of traditional marriage in the country. The town of Murom hosts a number of people, especially the married ones, every year as it is the place where Saint Peter and Saint Fevronia ruled.

Even Russian singles become a part of these festivities which include the Russian tradition of giving and taking gifts. This Russian holiday is symbolized by a daisy which represents purity, love, and fidelity.

Perfect Gifts from Russian Ladies

  • Food is definitely the foremost way to woo a man. When a Russian lady cooks a culinary masterpiece or an ordinary yet mouth-watering dish for a loved one, it is considered to be the most valuable gift. One can bake pizza or a cake in the shape of the heart and present it to someone they truly admire.
  • A useful gadget can also be presented that will help in staying connected with the loved one. Even presenting with a hands-free device would be a symbol that the lady is willing to hear more of the voice of the person she truly loves.
  • Love Day would be a non-material gift when the two people will spend some quality time together. They can watch a movie, go for a fancy dinner, or even decide to cook together.
  • A declaration of love through a letter where the lady will write a letter and place it along with her photo in the envelope to send to her loved one.

Perfect Gifts from Russian Men

Perfect Gifts from Russian Men

  • Without a doubt, flowers are the classic of any holiday and the most romantic gift for any female. One can customize a bouquet as per the choice of the girl and present it to her with an enclosed greeting.
  • Even the diet conscious Russian ladies cannot say no to the sweets and delicacies from the person they love.
  • There is no woman on earth who doesn’t love jewelry. They tend to be a great gift and enhance the beauty of the wearer.
  • Tickets for an exciting show are always a good gift option in Russian dating.

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