I just received my monthly “of-the-month” subscription box from theNomadik.com.   Let me tell you, this product is simply awesome.

Last month I received several different items but the Camelback water pack was the best.  I’ve used it 3-4 times outdoors and my wife even had to tell me to quit wearing it around the house.  Unfortunately for me, I also had to use the poison ivy remover (hint: don’t go into the backyard woods to look for a frisbee just wearing low sneakers).  I know that it makes me sound like an idiot but I did not see it until I was standing in it.  HOWEVER, no poison ivy!  That stuff worked miracles!

This month I received a UCO headlamp (yes, wearing it around the house got me in trouble with my wife again – but this time because she wanted to wear it!), a bug repellent bandana, and hand cleaner.

I was playing catch with my son in the backyard and it was getting late and the mosquitoes were starting to make a meal of me, so I broke out the bandana.  I guess that I should not be surprised because all of the products that Nomadik distributes work brilliantly, but that bandana worked brilliantly!  No bug bites!

I’m going to look pretty funny camped out by my mailbox while I wait for next month’s delivery.  But you can get your own monthly delivery here.

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