If you are aware that cryptocurrency is a promising direction, it is worth to start earning bitcoins now.

How to Get Bitcoins

It becomes more difficult to earn bitcoins in 2018. Just a few years ago, when Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies just started their ascent, it was possible to earn the average salary of an office worker to anyone, even on a home PC. Now, with the advent of great competition and specialized equipment, it is necessary to come up with new ways of earning Crypto-currency. Let’s find out what are the main methods to do it.

Cloud Mining

The most optimal method to earn bitcoins is cloud mining. Beginners often ask how to start bitcoin mining using the leased capacity of data centers? Such equipment should not be taken home, it is already installed somewhere; the cryptocurrency collector simply pays for the lease of the program for a certain period. Usually, the duration of the contract is 2-3 years. The essence of cloud mining is that you do not need to spend money on a computer, a video card. You are offered a lease of processing power on remote servers, and the purchase of capacity occurs in hashes.

The system of increasing the computer unit is identical to bytes. At its core, the cloud-based service for bitcoins and other digital coins is a simple industrial data center focused on the production of crypto-currencies. The attractiveness of this method lies in the fact that the miner does not need to buy the necessary equipment and monitor it. The essence of working with cloud services is simple. It is necessary to:

  • choose a site for the cloud service;
  • register on it;
  • to deposit funds into a personal account;
  • choose the tariff and the extracted cryptocurrency;
  • to receive income in automatic or semi-automatic mode.

Mining on Own Equipment

Mining is the extraction of currency using a video card, one of the first ways to earn a cryptocurrency. It has minuses, although it is the most reliable and profitable. About two years ago, it was possible to earn thanks to a video card which did not require any expenses.

Everything consisted in the fact that the “hunter” for currency in a game form built gold mines. He extracted gold and changed them for money. Now, in order to earn, you need to create or buy a special computer configuration with an expensive graphics card.

Huge amounts of money will go to the configuration, and you will have to pay twice as much for electricity. That is why mining, as an unprofitable method, descends each month down the step from the top.

Trading on the Crypto-Exchange Markets

Cryptocurrency can be traded on specialized exchanges, as in conventional stock markets. Those who bought a decent number of bitcoins 2-3 years ago, now are millionaires. But this does not mean that the rise will continue. But for earnings on the fluctuations of the exchange rate against each other, substantial knowledge and constant immersion in the life of the market and the tracking of news are required. It can be unequivocally asserted that it is extremely risky to engage in trading on special bitcoins exchanges without initial preparation.

Earn Without Investments

Servers with the distribution of free bitcoins are called bitcoin-cranes. The size of earnings is not high, but you do not fulfill complicated tasks; initially, the cranes were created to “roll-up” the currency, but now they are showcases of advertisements. Bitcoin cranes are the easiest and most popular earnings of cryptocurrency without any investments of own funds; there is a referral program on all servers where you attract partners and get additional profit. There are two basic ways to get cryptocurrency without paying in advance.

Collection bitcoins is the easiest way to get them. The registered user is offered to either enter the captcha, or view the advertisement, and after the end of the action, he gets from 50 to 200 Satoshi.

Partnership programs. If you have a blog or a well-promoted group in a social network, then this is the way for you. You can leave affiliate links to bitcoin-cranes where they will be seen by a number of people, thus, we again returned to the referral system. For referrals, that is, partners, the service determines the percentage of profit.

Cryptocurrency is a promising innovation, so it’s worth making a small stock today!

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