The modern world is witnessing rapid developments in technology that are contributing immensely to our lifestyle. One stylish item you may consider adding to your inventory is a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

It’s cool

Ice’s Bluetooth speaker is sleek and impressive. The orb rotates 10 millimetres above its magnetic base, giving the impression that it is defying gravity itself. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this device would make a neat addition to your bed side table.

It enhances your musical experience

The orb’s speakers are laid across its entire circumference. This means that as the orb rotates 360 degrees, everyone in the room can enjoy the music at an equal volume without any interruptions.

You can charge your devices with it

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the speaker is its USB port, which allows you to charge any tablet or phone you have on you.

The levitating Bluetooth speaker is not only a fun little gadget, it also  has some practical applications that will make it a sure pick for many.

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