It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve got green thumbs; sometimes, you just want to add a something extra to your garden. A little more greenery, to freshen up the scene. Hinterland Trading’s air plant (designed to take on the shape of a jellyfish) is one possible flora you may consider adding to your garden.

It’s simple to take care of

The jellyfish-shaped plant doesn’t require soil, just water, and adequate exposure to air. Once it arrives, you have to soak it in water for a couple of hours, then remember to water it every time it fully dries. There’s nothing else to it.

It adds to the aesthetic of your garden inventory

The unique shape of the plant will only contribute to the beauty of your garden.

You can place it inside

If you live in an apartment, or simply lack a garden, then no worries. This plant enjoys filtered light, so you can hang it over the wall, next to a window, where it can serve as a decorative piece.

The Jellyfish air plant is easy to nurture, and will be a fine addition to  your plant collection. You are sure to love it and it makes a great gift too!

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