So, your dream fone has arrived, right, but ‘where are my clothes’? says your screaming iPhone, ‘give me something to wear dude, I too need something to put on in this Halloween, c’mmon!’

“Oh dear! Did you miss the point that your fone needs a case?”, or is it a gift that you want to give to your closed ones, whether your BFF or your BF, GF or your dearest one,!

“HEY,… She’s My Best Friend… You Dare To Break Her Heart,…. I’m gonna break Your Face Friend!!!!”  Oopppppssss, that sounds more of a big boy’s threat!

This Halloween get creepy couple cases with offbeat instructions for yourself as well as your BFF/GF for the iPhone 7/8  to get your partner, GF/BFF hyped out with its amazing look and design!  What!!!!!! Are you kidding me?

Of course, not, friendship is all about togetherness and oneness, just like two souls becoming one! That’s why these cases are packed and designed in a customized way to provide 2 cases exactly like 2 close minions/lovers/BFFS.

That sounds more of a quite an easy piece of cake though!

“Available in white and black primarily, these cases are just like Captain America’s shield protecting the sophisticated iPhones from dirt, scratch marks, just as he did to save the world from baddie Thanos!”

Being ultra slim, super clear, and lightweight, they are pocket-friendly and protects the phone from getting scratch marks too!

Good work Avenger!

The camera looks super cool, unique and different from ordinary iPhone back cover cases. Get one of these interesting couple cases for yourself as well as your partner in this Halloween. Hurry, limited stocks available!

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