There is a considerable discussion in the healthcare system to improve the quality of patient care. Over time, diseases are advancing, and the need for modern treatment is becoming imperative.


Nursing is among the most respectful profession and a significant part of the healthcare system. Nurses play a vital role in providing safe and quality patient care since they are in direct contact with the patients. While the physician only spends 30 to 40 minutes with the patient, even if the patient is in critical condition or is hospitalized.


In a hospital, nurses are always present at the bedside for the patients, and they interact with the other health care professionals as well for the better treatment of the patients. They are continuously monitoring any clinical deterioration or detecting any other error happening to the patient.


If you are thinking of choosing this astounding profession, but you have queries about what nurses do. In addition, what is the importance of this profession? Then this article is a must-read for you. Here you will get to know “how nurses can provide safe and quality patient care?”


  • Education


Education is the fundamental requirement for pursuing any career. There are different educational programs related to nursing, like 2-4 years’ bachelor’s degree, or any other training program. You can also register yourself for online nursing certificate programs. 


All these educational programs give knowledge related to nursing. It also connects with the fields like microbiology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and pharmacology.


To become a registered nurse or to clear the exam to get the nursing license, it is imperative to get primary education.


  • Training


When you receive education in the nursing field, it will give you the knowledge and concepts about the safety and quality of patient care. Somehow, nurses also require some training programs as well to polish their skills and capabilities. These qualities allowed them to deliver more to humanity and the healthcare system.


During training programs, nurses practically perform what they study during their educational courses. The training programs enhance their knowledge and communication skills.


  • Experience


In every profession, expertise comes with experience. Every day nurses encounter a new patient with different healthcare requirements. Experienced nurses will have complete command on how to provide quality care to every specific patient.


  • Timely care


To provide quality care to the patient, nurses must be available at the bedside. Other medical staff only visits the patient for a while, and they are not available 24/7 to serve the patient. It makes nurses healthcare professionals who are most close to patients.


Any delays related to their medicine, food, test, or hygiene should be avoided. Timely care helps the patient to recover speedily. When the patient recovered appropriately and provided with excellent facilities, hospitals deal more patients resulting in an efficient working system of that hospital. Timely care of the patients also prevents the worsening of their health.


  • Effective care


For fast recovery and controlling the condition of the patient, it is essential to provide them with effective care. Nurses can give adequate attention to the patient with the help of their skills, knowledge, and education. It means that they have to make the correct decision at the right time.


Nurses have to play a very active part when it comes to the health of the patient. Most of the patients tell their problems to the nurses, so it becomes the duty of the nurse to resolve their issues and perform all possible efforts to help the patient.


  • Work in collaboration


To provide safe and quality patient care, nurses must work with the cooperation of other health care professionals like physicians, nutritionists, and pharmacists.


In the hospitals where all these professionals work as a team and take the decisions related to patient health with collaboration, then such hospitals facilitate their patients excellently.


  • Enthusiasm


Many professions are only related to earning money, but nursing is among those selective professions that do not have materialistic approaches. A profession has a desire to serve humanity.


Nurses have inbuilt love for fellow human beings; that is the reason they deal with every patient with love, respect, and care. Nurses should take care of the dignity of their patients. They should communicate and deal with their patients in a way that the patient feels that nurses genuinely care for them.


  • Safety


While dealing with the patient, the priority of the nurses should be the safety of the patient. Only a single mistake of a healthcare professional can cost a life. For example, if nurses give a wrong dose to the patient, it can increase the health risk.


The risk related to the patient is mainly due to medication error, injuries, or hospital induced infections. It can overcome if nurses become extra conscious about the medication, health, and hygiene of the patients.




All the points mentioned above indicate the importance of nurses in a healthcare system and what significant role they play in providing quality care to patients. Nurses can play their parts excellently if these amazing professionals work with dedication and honesty.


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