A car accident can cause deep fear of driving. This can happen even if the accident was relatively mild and/or no injuries were sustained. Understandably, serious car accidents that result in severe and/or long-term injuries are likely to leave behind many lingering effects. In fact, one Charlotte car accident lawyer cautions accident victims that a car accident can change their life forever.

Common Motor Vehicle Accident Aftermath Issues

Without even realizing it, a victim of a motor vehicle accident can develop adverse symptoms of increased fears, various lingering phobias, inability to sleep, hidden anxiety, and depression—to name just a few. Even if the person involved in a motor vehicle accident is expected to make an eventual recovery from their injuries, they should still make an effort to seek legal advice from skilled car accident lawyers as soon after the event as possible.

Other common accident aftermath problems include nervousness while driving and panic attacks. These conditions can occur even if the accident victim is riding as a passenger. Some will withdraw from situations that might bring back their terrifying post-accident memories and feelings in an attempt to avoid these deeply rooted emotional responses.

Every Motor Vehicle Accident Victim Should Seek Legal Advice

Even if the person involved in a motor vehicle accident is expected to make an eventual recovery from their injuries, they should still make an effort to seek legal advice as soon after the event as possible.

It is often difficult to predict how long, intense, and expensive getting through the healing stage can be. It is common for car insurance agencies to pressure injured victims into agreeing to a settlement offer. It is essential that victims never sign or verbally agree to any possible settlement offer without getting unbiased legal counsel from their own lawyer first.

A Settlement Amount Offered Might Not Be Enough

One of the problems that some car accident victims make is to agree to a settlement offer amount that likely will not cover their ongoing medical and basic living expenses into the future. Usually, the parties at fault for the accident hire attorneys or have their insurance companies contact the victim to pressure them into a quick resolution. These offers are typically far lower than the person would get if they took their case through the courts. As healthcare costs continue to rise every day, making sure that a victim gets enough compensation to pay for future medical bills is crucial.

Some Injuries Will Take a Long Time to Heal

Another way that a car accident can forever change someone’s life is if the injuries happen to take a very long time to heal or if the injuries become permanent, meaning the injury will never fully heal.

In these situations, life will dramatically change for the victim and his or her family members. The victim may not be able to work or might have to change job positions or fields. An example would be a cable or telephone line worker who suffers ongoing knee problems after breaking a leg in a motor vehicle accident. A doctor likely wouldn’t release the person back to work anytime soon.

Ongoing Expenses when Injuries Are Permanent

When car accident-related injuries are permanent, the victim must take certain steps to ensure that he or she will have the financial means to meet future living expenses.

There could be expensive medical equipment that might be necessary for the rest of his or her life. This includes wheelchairs, ramps, special communication technologies, modified transportation vehicles, and remodeling of the home to make it disability-accessible. Accident victims should always seek reliable legal help for all of these reasons.


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