The holiday season is sneaking up fast! Along with it comes the inevitable wave of gift-giving for co-workers, family members, and that special someone on your list. You’ve gone to the mall and scoured the Internet for that perfect gift, but nothing seems to be doing the trick. The thought of giving up and shipping out gift cards has crossed your mind, but you’re just not ready to give up just yet.


What if there was an expert gift giver out there waiting to ship the perfect gift out to everyone on your list? Well, there is, and they’re a lot more affordable than you may imagine. With the countless options for curated gift baskets online, finding the real experts can be tricky! We’ve laid out some of the best gift basket options to satisfy your entire holiday shopping list.


Spa Gift Baskets


For that person on your list with love for luxury, Lovery’s spa gift baskets will be sure to make them soft and cozy throughout the winter months. Starting at $30, the spa baskets offer all the best in shower gels, bath salts, bubble baths, and lotions to help them unwind. Variety is everything, and the spa baskets at Lovery come in all shapes in sizes. With Magnolia Madness to Vanilla Coconut, to Lavender Deluxe, and many more baskets to choose from, the folks at Lovery seem to have found the right formula to pamper their customers.


Wine Gift Baskets


Everyone has that wine snob on their shopping list that they’re afraid to buy a bottle for. Luckily, the expertly curated wine gift baskets that has to offer are enough to please even the toughest of customers.


A real wine lover knows that a great bottle of wine can really bring people together. They’ll also be the first to tell you that selection matters. This is why finding the right bottle that will be remembered long past its last glass is paramount.


Shipping nationwide, these wine baskets offer a getaway for wine lovers everywhere. “A Taste of Europe,” “Picnic on the Coast,” and “French Champagne Evening” are just a handful of the delectable titles on offer. Bringing together esteemed brands such as Dom Perignon, Silver Oak, and Opus One, these fine wine baskets have what it takes to impress even the haughtiest of wine snobs.


Beer Gift Baskets


Don’t be fooled by the name. The Bro Basket means business! For the bro on your shopping list, look no further than this hub for all things beer-related.


Craft beer culture has boomed over the last decade, and Bro Basket’s selection gathers the finest brews from around the country all in one basket. While their tailgate buckets bring together your favorite football team and your favorite beers, their customizable baskets are what really give the people what they want. Whether it’s a bonus cigar package, some beef jerky, or a custom theme, the Bro Basket is making sure all the bases are covered in their package.





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