Your best friend and you are like two peas in a pod, two hands of the clock.


You both have been together through thick and thin, seen the rough and smooth times, shared the darkest secrets, giggled at the weirdest jokes, and sailed through the traumas of life together. Undoubtedly, your friendship is beyond commendation! Every relationship in life deserves a celebration. It doesn’t have to necessarily call for a special day like a birthday or an anniversary. Some things need a celebration just without the need for reasons or specific excuses. And just like other relationships, it’s time to acknowledge and honour your friendship too. Wondering how you could do it?  Here are 9 ways to celebrate your friendship with your long-distance best friend. Take the guide:


  1.  Road Trip


Time spent with your best friend can never be enough. Time, somehow, manages to slip by quickly and you two have to part ways. Plan a road trip with your best friend and share ample time together creating memories and sharing laughter. Life is just incomplete without an adventure with your best friend.


  1. Friendship Bracelet


Bracelets have been into existence since 481-221 B.C. Opt for a stylish bracelet pair with your initials engraved on it. It can also be hand stamped with the geographic coordinates of both of you. Go for bangle cuff for making a stylish and artistry statement.


  1. Friendship Mug 


You can go for a pair of coffee mugs for your best friend and yourself living far apart.  you can get some funny or emotional quotes printed like the following:


One mug can have “You’re Rachel To My Monica” while the other one will have “You’re Monica To My Rachel.


One mug can have “I Am A Weird & She’s A Freak” while the other one will have “I Am A Freak & She’s A Wierd.”


  1. Photo Frame


A photo frame with a picture of you both can be a heart-touching souvenir. You can write a short note on the back of the photo along with the date and memory of when the photo was taken. Alternatively, you can go for a collage of many pictures to share as many memories.


  1. Plush Pillow


What’s better than giving your best friend a comforting sleep? Opt for a plush pillow or a cushion for your long-distance best friend with a heart-touching quote. You can also get it customised with a picture of you both.


  1. Personalized Cake


You can send a surprise cake to your best friend if they have achieved a special feat or you can make up with a cake right after the fight. Be an integral part of their life despite being far with online cake delivery in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai or any other city where your best friend resides. Top it with a quote, say, ‘Thanks For Tolerating Me ’ and more.


  1. Countdown Clock


Can’t wait to see each other? Send a countdown timer to your best friend and keep the excitement alive for the next meet-up. The countdown timer can also be useful for them if they are always running late and seek to achieve a more disciplined more.


  1. Bag Charm


Bag charms are a late 20th-century fashion and won’t go out of vogue anytime soon. Add some bling to her bag styles by gifting her a bag charm. Bag charms are made of materials like steel, leather, sequins, pearls, fur, stones and so forth.


  1. Scented Candles


Help them relieve their stress after a long and tiring shopping session with a gift of scented candles. It is a kind of aromatherapy that helps energize, purify and cleanse. Lily, Lavender and Shea Butter choices are the most popular ones of late.


Your best friend lives miles apart but you can still make it easier with your special efforts and remind them you both are not really far. So, what are you waiting for? Set #BFFgoals already!

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